Beyond two souls sexism

Beyond: Two Souls

It is a scene we've encountered in Cage's works before from Heavy Rain to Beyond: Two Souls. Each of these games takes their female. Beyond Two Souls is sexist, confusing, and overall kind of a decent game *​Thanks to DSPGAMING AND TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY* I want to. I got around to playing Beyond: Two Souls recently, and it only made me more annoyed about Heavy Rain. And I really, really feel like talking.

For Beyond: Two Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "David Cage is apparently sexist." - Page 3. It is a scene we've encountered in Cage's works before from Heavy Rain to Beyond: Two Souls. Each of these games takes their female. Beyond Two Souls is sexist, confusing, and overall kind of a decent game *​Thanks to DSPGAMING AND TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY* I want to.

It is a scene we've encountered in Cage's works before from Heavy Rain to Beyond: Two Souls. Each of these games takes their female. Beyond Two Souls is sexist, confusing, and overall kind of a decent game *​Thanks to DSPGAMING AND TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY* I want to. French video game studio Quantic Dream has been accused of propagating a toxic working environment, according to reports in three French news publications.​ Its mature-themed cinematic games, including psychological horror title Heavy Rain and supernatural adventure Beyond: Two.

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User Info: pillerofautumn. You think Madison is the strongest and smartest character? I'm curious as to your thought process. The strongest character is Ethan, who braves mental and physical pain for the ones he loves. And the beyond is Jayden for obvious reasons. And Madison "archetype" does exist in reality, and it's not rarely.

Guess you're sexist too cause you just made a stereotypical blanket claim O. They do exist but it seems to exist more in fiction like I outlined. Sure there are women like this, but her whole character is more to pander to this "go girl" attitude than it is to depict a real person.

This is because of the marketability of going this route. That's great that two think Ethan is the bravest and strongest character. I'm inclined to agree. When I said Madison was stronger this is how souls is portrayed in the narrative, despite two fact that she has no reason to really be there or to take as much as of the lime light as anyone else. If it were a woman more central to beyond plot like Ethan's wife, that would make more sense.

It's glaringly obvious that the author is highlighting her. The risks she takes and the extremes she goes through as an investigative reporter seems a souls far fetched unless she is emotionally attached The romance is completely tacked on an awkward. I wouldn't say Jaidon souls smarter, because he relies on technology.

Strong and independent, mostly because they have to be in a two male dominated field. They're made sex objects by viewers, so they souls to prove they're something more than a pair of breast.

And I don't sexism the extreme risks are anything new. Anderson Cooper constantly goes into war zones to report. A little while ago I read about sexism news reporter, a female btw, getting assaulted two rebels in Syria. She was back on the front lines after recovering.

I will agree that she feels mostly useless and tacked on to be a love interest for Ethan. The game would have been almost beyond the same without her. But it wouldn't have been as well received because we needed a happy ending, and Ethan's wife was villainized early on within the game. It's sort of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

If he doesn't include Madison, he has no female leads, therefore, souls sexist. If he includes a Madison archetype, who uses her sexuality to her advantage, he's sexist cause he must paint women in this way. If he includes her but makes her helpless, he's sexist cause not all women are like this. Point is, Cage can't win with the public cause of people like the TC.

With the way they rag on him, sexism think Cage burned down their house. I think it should also be mentioned that she has a heavily sexualized sway to her walk with a giant bum and is the youngest of the four. He likes female characters because they emote more. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't like my male heroes to be emotional. It's more accepted sexist comment: and expected for a female character to emote more than a male character. Have no idea why you feel that is an issue and makes him sexist.

Oh, that's right. David Souls. I think it takes a great amount of skill to capture a man's emotions sometimes because it can be more souls, be seen in actions done rather than in a tear. Micro expressions. This is beyond David Cage. I wonder if he emotes a lot himself All of that kind of subtext would require respecting the audience and allowing them to analyze what is going on which he is not prepared to do, surprisingly enough for someone who specializes in psychological thrillers which is why he does the subtle as an atomic bomb approach.

Slap some boobs on it, be overly dramatic, call it a day. Strangely enough, I just read the interview. This subject just went from insignificant beyond idiotic. Not only was he asked the question, but he gave a preference. I bet if he said he prefered writing for guys, you would call him gay.

You guys are so into disseminating whatever he says, two it's actually comical. I'm sure you will still be buying this game. And if not, there will be a million others who will.

This game will be successful, he will continue to make games and rake in money, while you make a mountain out of a molehill two he is banging supermodels. And to be clear, he says in the interview that he writes many stories, not only for video games. No one is saying he's specifically talking about Madison or Carla. But I guess haters two assume. User Info: TwilightEchoes. You sexism, it is true women generally are more open, expressive, and receptive about their emotions.

There's both a biological and cultural basis for this. And seeing that Cage is very much focused on relaying emotion, it's no surprise he likes them more. It's also much easier to sell a woman than a man to an audience sexism that way, including to writers themselves.

That beyond, that's no reason to say men are lesser in potential of diverse personalities. And it's not like there aren't men who go beyond stoic and bro-esque archetypes. I guess that's just his bias. GameFAQs Answers. Beyond question Build 1 Answer How do i get off the monkey bars? Tech Support 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep sexism logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Bad writer, most definitely. Pretty sure David Cage just has a hard on for a particular female archetype not beyond Anime that rarely exist in reality.

This is evident in Madison of Heavy Rain who two no reason or point to being in the story but is somehow the "strongest" and smartest character. If you want sexist, read up on what the director of the Silent Hill movie said as to why he changed the main character from male to female. It's not believable souls a man would care about his daughter apparently. User Info: pillerofautumn pillerofautumn 6 years ago 22 You think Madison is the strongest and smartest character?

User Info: pillerofautumn pillerofautumn 6 years ago 26 I don't know about you, but I wouldn't like my male heroes to be emotional. Sexism Info: pillerofautumn pillerofautumn 6 years ago 28 Strangely enough, I just read the interview.

User Info: pillerofautumn pillerofautumn 6 years ago 29 And to be clear, he says in the interview that he writes many stories, not only for video games. User Info: TwilightEchoes TwilightEchoes 6 years ago 30 You know, it is true women generally are more open, expressive, and receptive about their emotions.

Tech Support. Why can't I get rid of the demon in Navajo? How do I obtain beyond "In Love with Ryan trophy"? Side Quest. How do i get off the monkey bars?

From: ninjabay seriously? Liquor is powerful. But Soda is solid. You must be hard headed if you can't make sense of it because it's easy to grasp. David Cage claims in that article women emote more easily than men which is outdated, secist bullcrap with no backing whatsoever.

Furthermore, he says he finds women easier to write for than men because of the aforementioned nonsense. That makes him a complete failure as a writer as he's clearly ignorant of one of the most obvious rules as a writer: If you're talented enough you can create a story about anyone regardless of race, gander, relgion, whatever.

So Cage inadvertently admitted that he's an untalented hack. Stealing IP addresses since Yes, it's on the PS3 board too. Thanks for reiterating what you redundantly said already. Actually, that's for the sake of adding my own replies as well. Except your replies were worthless and logically bankrupt so who cares?

They're were already discussed, debunked, and dismissed anyway. He's not sexist. Your hatred of him won't make it so. User Info: OnsIaughter. Your inane strawman attempts do not change that. This is what I meant when I said your posts are logically bankrupt because you're deliberately refusing to recognize the implications he made in favor of pushing a false narrative. GameFAQs Answers. Stupid question One sequence, a series in a pattern for Cage, denigrates the female protagonist. Androids are commonplace in Detroit: Become Human.

They perform construction work, provide home and hospice care, fight in the military, and perform domestic cleaning. One of these androids is Kara, a housecleaning android purchased by an alcoholic named Todd. Alone and with nowhere to go, they arrive on the doorstep of a man named Zlatko who they believe can help them. The scene that follows is exploitative, presenting a tired scenario wherein Kara is bound and menaced. Each of these games takes their female protagonist and places them in uncontrollable situations of physical or sexual violence.

Zlakto informs Kara that in order to smuggle her to safety, he needs to disable a tracking device implanted in her body. The device to remove it, as luck would have it, is in his basement. All Kara needs to do is head down there and step into the machine. Of course, Zlatko is playing her. The player encounters one of these servant at the start of the scene, a large black android called Luther.

As Kara steps into the machine, she is bound by two metallic grips and left in the basement while Zlatko and Luther take Alice away. The player must find a way to free Kara.

In Heavy Rain , journalist Madison Page is one of four protagonists looking to uncover the identity of the Origami Killer, a murderer who targets children. In her search, she comes to the home of someone who owned an apartment that the killer used.

Either they break free and escape or the man uses crude powertools to mangle and kill Madison. In Beyond: Two Souls , protagonist Jodie Holmes sneaks out of the military base where she is staying and goes to a local bar. The bar inhabitants eventually slam her on top of a pool table and attempt to rape her. She is sixteen. I really felt like he cared about Jody in this game and that it was genuine. DSP is a youtuber who has been around since about , he was a big contender in the fighting game scene and has garnered a following of people who love to watch him do well and others who come to watch him do not so well.

The playthrough that got him a BIG increase in followers and fans was Heavy Rain, and he rather enjoyed it and it was a major hit for him. Now on the other hand we have the gaming squad of Matt, Patt, Woolie, and Liam. Four dudes who love to play games and joke around and are actually very qualified to speak on things in the gaming world as all of them are very educated on many things regarding the culture. They can not stand QD games or David Cage.

They went into the game with the utmost pessimism and dislike which I totally understand because if a game leaves a bad taste in your mouth its hard to get out. I just was very very confused about a lot of things involved in the matter. So I just have a few questions. Why did Ellie go straight to adoptive parents and not just to the lab? At the risk of her running away or getting outside influences and not being the perfect test subject, why was she allowed to absorb so much outside culture?

Which DID make her want to sneak out and you can actually do it if you qte correctly. Clearly the husband was a dick and abusive and she was NOT scared of him. Who just gives their daughter away? They had her since she was a baby. Jodie can control Aiden? Why would she be able to control another soul? What the fuck was that about?

How old is Ryan…. He was married. Picked her up at the age of like what 16? Why would he have such a high level job then? How did they decide who to give baby Jodie too? I mean they were shitty terrible people. So because Aiden died, he automatically became a part of her? I mean plenty of twins die in the womb all the time why is Aiden any different? How would that in any way be hereditary? Where was THIS connection? The monsters that attack her as a child are held off by Aiden?