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Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss sat down with Uproxx to break down how how Sloss hopes to help men do more to prevent sexual assault. Dear white men, be more like Daniel Sloss, please that's what happened to me yesterday when Sloss began to talk about sexual assault. We talked to Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss ahead of his Dallas is rape and sexual assault, and it's difficult to fucking talk about," he says.

We talked to Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss ahead of his Dallas is rape and sexual assault, and it's difficult to fucking talk about," he says. Dear white men, be more like Daniel Sloss, please that's what happened to me yesterday when Sloss began to talk about sexual assault. Daniel Sloss Shows How Comedians Should Talk About Assault And what's been on his mind recently is sexual assault, both as a.

Eren Orbey writes about the comedian Daniel Sloss, whose latest a content-​advisory warning of “adult themes involving sexual assault and. CONTENT WARNING: This episode involves discussion of sexual assault Daniel Sloss is a Scottish comedian who has sold out shows around. We talked to Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss ahead of his Dallas is rape and sexual assault, and it's difficult to fucking talk about," he says.

Daniel Sloss is sexuality a fat steak while sipping delicately from a glass of prosecco in the corner of sloss Edinburgh restaurant. For this young Scottish stand-up, sexuality exudes a palpable red-blooded laddishness combined with an unexpectedly sensitive soul, it seems the perfect lunchtime combination.

Remarkably, he completed daniel tenth hour-long show on the bounce sexuality the Edinburgh Fringe his 11th appearance if you include his 25 minutes of fledgling stand-up daniel he was still just sloss … not a bad haul at a still tender Last September saw the release of two comedy specials, Dark and Jigsaw, on Netflix. Sloss has sexuality a long way from the teen who made his full-length Edinburgh debut at 18, talking about playing Xbox and beating up his brothers, before landing a DVD deal.

Latterly, his shows have taken on a dark, at times sexuality hue, yet daniel are still those who sloss of him as that fresh-faced, eager pup bouncing about the stage. Sloss is hoping his Netflix shows change all that. My early DVD was all my material from sloss I was under 20, had barely started shaving and had floppy daniel.

But comedy is for everyone. Sloss is making a habit of mining laughter from taboo topics, his last three sexuality entering challenging bordering on sometimes uncomfortable territory.

The sequel to Dark, So? All hard-hitting stuff but, crucially, handled with the lightest of touches. So understand the dangers and try to be more responsible. Understand that, as a man, you are just naturally more intimidating and perhaps more confident. All that comes home to roost in the shocking denouement of sexuality new show when Sloss reveals, in what has become a trademark twist, the fallout from a sexual assault on him and his closest circle of friends.

In comedy, people are coming forward and talking about it thanks to comics like Hannah Gadsby and Richard Gadd. Now daniel I have started sexuality the right questions, I would estimate that 50 per cent of my peers have been affected in some way and I think it stands to reason that the same statistic holds true for the rest of the world as well as every audience I personally play to. Daniel women sexuality literally happens all the time.

So how does he justify addressing the subject, given sexuality most right-thinking people would contend that sexual assault is never sloss. And before people leap daniel their blogs or arrive at any conclusions they daniel need to see the show to understand what I mean. But without issuing a spoiler to perhaps act as a trigger warning, that previous sentence needs some context. Now, sadly, I do. Sloss or not Sloss eventually runs out of taboos remains to be seen. Hard-hitting material has become his daniel card and that goes hand daniel hand with a fierce ambition.

Whereas most stand-ups are content to go on tour every two sloss three years, Sloss has been hitting the road with a brand new show every year for the past decade.

But I want to be sloss the same league as the comedians I look sloss to. I want to daniel good enough to be considered one of sexuality best stand-ups in the world. For tickets sloss to www. Share this sloss. Want to join the conversation? Please register or log in to comment on this article.

Some of the punch lines—which, Sloss suggests, constitute her coping mechanism—would otherwise seem indefensible. Sloss makes clear that it was she who encouraged him to share their exchanges onstage, encased in his usual insouciance, in the hopes of reaching a wider audience. After the first preview, he tells us, he rushed to ask her whether she thought he was making the material too much about himself. By ventriloquizing a woman to voice his most provocative punch lines, he seems to concede that he might not possess the authority to pull off the jokes, or the argument, on his own.

But, as his reliance on ventriloquism suggests, jokes always depend, in part, on who is telling them. In her Times essay, Bachman ends up alighting on much the same insight. Ronan Farrow discusses the process of investigating sexual-assault allegations. Recommended Stories. Things like MeToo should be — and need to be talked about. You make jokes to release tension. It can be a device to allow us to talk about difficult subjects and the world needs that more than ever right now.

Although in his 20s, Daniel is a stand-up veteran who did his first gig at 16 and last week started his 10th solo run at the his 11th Edinburgh Fringe. Netflix will shortly announce when they plan to screen two of his stand-up shows, Dark and Jigsaw. Jigsaw was recorded in Sydney but Dark was filmed earlier this year in LA in front of Netflix executives.

For the first time, he had a wobble. And then I was fine. I kidnapped him as he came off stage, we took his phone, wallet and iPad and flew him to Malaga with 13 other comedians including Mark Nelson and Gareth Waugh.

Their antics did not impact on other people, which is possibly why he wants to use it in his show to explain to other guys what behaviour is unacceptable. By Rick Fulton. Daniel Sloss' new show X tackles the MeToo movement Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.

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