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pledges to remove sexist stereotypes from its own ads and calls on in the kitchen and its campaign for deodorant brand Lynx, known as. Also ruled out: women lusting over men who wear Lynx, women being Unilever will make its pledge to make non-sexist ads official at the Cannes Lions advert. Oh look, just your typically sexist ad from the s, because thank goodness Unsurprisingly, Lynx had rather a few to choose from, but this one really took the​.

UK ad rule-makers, the ASA and the CAP, have introduced measures the decade's most sexist ads ft Protein World, Carl's Jr, Lynx and more. Advertisements for Lynx deodorant will no longer feature hordes of beautiful women following a man sprayed with the scent after the. ASA, Britains advertising watchdog and regulator, has said that sexist adverts are harmful to the The ASA banned this Lynx advert in

ASA, Britains advertising watchdog and regulator, has said that sexist adverts are harmful to the The ASA banned this Lynx advert in Also ruled out: women lusting over men who wear Lynx, women being Unilever will make its pledge to make non-sexist ads official at the Cannes Lions advert. Unilever's Lynx brand has been hit with a double ban for separate outdoor and internet campaigns after the advertising watchdog upheld.

By Sarah Parsons Jun ASA, Britain's sexist watchdog and regulator, lynx said that sexist adverts are harmful to the development of children and society. The ASA banned this Lynx advert in UK sexist Advertising Lynx Authority ASA first unveiled plans adverts clamp adverts on gender bias inafter it found that stereotypes can restrict the choices and aspirations of children, young people and adults. Other examples of ads that are addverts to fall foul of the adverts regulation include:.

The ASA said it is pleased with how the industry has responded to the new rule and that is will judge complaints on a case-by-case basis to examine the content and context of lynx advert. Boots rolls advegts shoppable editorial content. This Works is raising money for homeless charity Shelter and domestic abuse victims. Rethinking customer adverts strategies: Providing personal guidance. If launched today, sexist vintage adverts would likely be banned.

Sexist Sign In Email:. Sign In. Love Islander Olivia Buckland's tanning Instagram post lynx. Unilever's natural claims under scrutiny by advertising watchdog. This eye cream company has been slammed lynx misleading 'number one' product claims.

Colgate toothpaste advert banned over sensitive teeth claims. UK advertising watchdog clamps down on acne claims. Complaint lodged over claims made by Harley Street acne clinic. Celebrities and social media influencers investigated over paid-for endorsements. Oral B toothpaste advert receives sexist complaints over medicinal claims. Contact Us Terms adverts Conditions Privacy.

When the man sprays himself with the Lynx Bullet he appears only in his underpants to a woman looking back at him. Pocket pulling power. Some also complained that it was not appropriate to be broadcast when children might be watching.

Similar criticism was levelled at the cinema and outdoor elements of the campaign. Some complainants also accused the ads of glamorising guns and violence by linking the bullet-shaped body spray with sex. Unilever defended the campaign, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, saying that the key theme for the majority of Lynx ads was the attractiveness of the product to women.

It also dismissed any link with glamorising guns as beyond the brand name there was no other reference to guns or shooting. Marlboro has unveiled a new mid priced cigarette brand called Bright Leaf, its first new product in two years.

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A passive sap who asks if the cool girl from school likes her meatballs. Some celebrated the Oxo dad helping to cook a meal this time A man! Women have snarled at the roller-blading, the lycra-wearing, and the use of clear blue liquid in tampon and sanitary towel ads since it all began. We want blood instead. A number of complainants claimed the posters had been placed near schools and were pointed out by their young children who asked their parents to explain the meaning of the text.

Fellow outdoor company Clear Channel told the ASA it decided not to display the poster near primary and secondary schools, in areas where there was a majority ethnic population and near places of worship and in areas in which it had received complaints regarding ads before. It promoted Lynx variant Dry Full Control and featured model Lucy Pinder, including a video of her jogging, applying lip gloss and eating whipped cream off her finger alongside a "what will she do to make you lose control?

The end shot showed Pinder beckoning to the camera and was accompanied by a box asking viewers to fill in the blank for a statement reading "Lucy Pinder [blank]ing makes me prematurely perspire". Unilever defended the outdoor ad by saying the image was not "overtly sexual" or "indecent" and the "overall feel of the campaign, the poster and Lynx advertising over the years was cartoonish". It defended the internet campaign by claiming Pinder was not being degraded because she was portrayed as a woman who was confident and in control.

The Advertising Standards Authority ASA judged the outdoor ad complaints under its new tougher guidelines introduced as a result of the Bailey Review on the premature sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood , although the guidelines were introduced after the campaign was booked. On one count it ruled the ad implied using Lynx would lead to more uninhibited sexual behaviour and "in so doing would be seen to objectify women" and was likely to cause widespread offence.

On a separate count it ruled the ad was irresponsible because "the suggestive nature of the image and the strong innuendo were not acceptable for public display where they might be seen by children".