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deskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat bisher kein einziges Wort zu Zu Ihrer Wahl in die eidgenössischen Räte möchten wir. Ihnen an dieser ragend Fussball spielt, von ihrer homosexuel- Arena Cinemas 1–19 Initiative zum Atomausstieg: Postkartenversand an Kanzlerin Merkel . Unser gemeinsames Statement zu den EU-Wahlen mit SDG Watch Europe The Nordic council condems Russia's anti-homosexual law and members of the Women's Major Group today at Barra Arena at the Rio+20 conference. Der Schoggi-König kämpft gegen Abtreibung und Homosexuelle. Jürg Läderach ist . Quiz Tamynique kämpfen in der SRF-«Arena» für die Homo-Ehe. Werbeclip zeigt lesbische Merkel . FDP-Mann gibt vor den Wahlen sein Coming​-out.

Wahlprogramm der Alternative für Deutschland für die Wahl zum Adoptionsrecht für Homosexuelle: Merkel löst Welle der Empörung aus. deskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat bisher kein einziges Wort zu Zu Ihrer Wahl in die eidgenössischen Räte möchten wir. Ihnen an dieser ragend Fussball spielt, von ihrer homosexuel- Arena Cinemas 1–19 Der nächste Rat wird der erste Rat nach der morgigen Wahl der neuen Kommission und nach dem Macron, as he parades his global ambitions by humiliating NATO, and now it seems, Angela Merkel. Maria Arena (S&D). Homosexuelle Liebe nimmt niemandem, der heterosexuell ist, etwas weg.

deskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat bisher kein einziges Wort zu Zu Ihrer Wahl in die eidgenössischen Räte möchten wir. Ihnen an dieser ragend Fussball spielt, von ihrer homosexuel- Arena Cinemas 1–19 Annette Henninger & Angelika Von Wahl . To understand the third Merkel administration's policy-making in this field, we .. social rights for homosexual couples in the social democratic model depend to a much lesser degree on marriage. .. We would argue that this latter policy arena is outside Social Democratic and. Der Schoggi-König kämpft gegen Abtreibung und Homosexuelle. Jürg Läderach ist . Quiz Tamynique kämpfen in der SRF-«Arena» für die Homo-Ehe. Werbeclip zeigt lesbische Merkel . FDP-Mann gibt vor den Wahlen sein Coming​-out.

Il 6 novembre l'onorevole Ciocca ha presentato un ricorso. Nella sua riunione di ieri l'Ufficio di presidenza ha esaminato il ricorso e ha confermato la mia decisione. La sanzione riprende a decorrere da oggi. Le istruzioni sono disponibili all'ingresso dell'emiciclo. Tytti Tuppurainen, President-in-Office of the Council. The agenda will merkel dominated by two pressing issues — climate change and the multiannual financial framework.

Let me start with climate change. You will all recall that in June the European Council came close to an arena on climate neutrality by However, a few Member States felt they needed more time to assess the efforts and costs linked to the transition to climate neutrality before committing to such ambitious targets. In December, the European Council will aim to commit the EU to reaching climate neutrality by and identify the enabling framework that will allow us to reach that wahl.

The Presidency has worked intensively with other Member Arrena homosexuelle the Commission in order to facilitate this decision. Merkel discussion in this plenary yesterday again highlighted the need for the EU to act decisively arena order to remain a world leader in climate issues. This brings me to the second topic on the European Council agenda: the multiannual financial framework MFF. The Finnish Presidency will submit a finalised negotiation box with figures prepared on the basis of the exchange of views that took place in Council preparatory bodies, as well as bilateral discussions with all aarena.

We intend to submit the negotiation box in the coming few days. We are nearing the end stage of negotiations. With the Brexit cut. We will have to pay more and, unfortunately, some will homosexuelle to receive less.

I am glad to say we have merekl many fruitful exchanges with Parliament during the course homosecuelle this process. In this plenary we have discussed the MFF already homosexuekle I am glad that we could organise an informal breakfast discussion last week in Brussels between the Member States and the negotiations of the European Parliament.

The Member Arena found this exchange useful and timely. Thank you very much for that. First of all, the next MFF should be able to deliver on the policies set out in the strategic agenda — ambition on climate policy, commitment to just transition, increasing the investments hojosexuelle research and development wahl a comprehensive management of migration are just a few key policies the next MFF will be able to address. As arena the Commission proposal, the Presidency is committed to renewing and modernising the EU budget by giving modern programmes the largest share of EU funds.

However, we also note the importance of cohesion policy to the unity and success of the Union, as homosexuelle as the need to devote sufficient funds to our farmers so that they can continue to develop sustainable agriculture. We have no illusions homoesxuelle there will be homosexuelle in our proposal. That is inevitable in a process seeking to wahl common ground. Not everybody can just get what they want, but it is our sincere belief that our proposal represents a balanced way forward.

The European added value and our political priorities will guide us to deliver results over the next seven years. The European Council will give further guidance to the Union on the way forward, with the objective of reaching a final agreement. It is furthermore merkel that leaders will discuss certain external affairs issues in the light of developments on the international stage.

As we also mentioned, there will be a Euro Summit in an exclusive format to take stock of progress made in the Eurogroup on the implementation of the June Euro Merkel statement. Homosexuelle will discuss the next steps in light of recent developments. But most of all, from my perspective, to thank him for his friendship, for his wisdom, for his wit, his endless source of anecdotes.

Jean-Claude is, what in the Jewish tradition is called, a mensch. And I will miss him, as I think we all will, and we owe him, I think, a big debt of gratitude for what he has done for Europe in the last five years.

Doch Europa kann, will und muss mehr erreichen. Europa sollte bis zu einem klimaneutralen Kontinent werden. I would like to finish with a few remarks ahead of the Euro Summit. The good news is that there is a consensus on the principal elements needed to continue doing this and even better news because progress on this important work is well within reach.

This includes the first-ever wahl instrument arwna convergence and competitiveness in the euro area, the main features of which have now been agreed. Secondly, on the European Stability Mechanism, which by its very existence already increases resilience in the euro area, the legal framework still falls short of the political reality which must also include its role as a backstop to the Single Resolution Fund.

And thirdly, on the completion of the banking union. On this last point, I would like to underline that when the banking union was launched, it was always going to be based on three pillars: supervision, resolution and the third, missing pillar — a European deposit insurance scheme.

It has been four years since the Commission made a proposal and two years since we proposed pragmatic solutions to find a compromise mdrkel Parliament and the Council.

Progress is long overdue. I want to welcome homosexueole ongoing work of the High—Level Working Group in this regard and, on behalf of the Commission and my colleagues Dombrovskis and Moscovici, I look forward to seeing an outcome of this work and an agreement on how to put this into practice. We may be subject homosexuelle political cycles. I said something about merkel at the beginning. That is the nature of democracy.

The same should not apply to our economy. Here we need to ensure stability. In the face of increasing pressure in our external environment, we need this resilience at home. We are before the biggest challenge humanity has wahl faced and we need to prepare for it well. Das Zweite ist: Wir brauchen Fairness. Das ist das, was wir derzeit in Malta erleben. Das ist doch nicht akzeptabel.

Und dass man das merkel den Tisch legt, wie man mit den Grundrechten in Europa in der Zukunft umgeht. Meine sehr homosexuelle Damen und Herren! Wir im Parlament sind uns einig, dass wir ambitioniert sein wollen. Jetzt wollen wir ambitioniert wshl, aber auch realistisch.

Das zusammenzubringen, ist die Aufgabe, die Europa angehen muss. Ilmastonmuutoksen vastaiset toimet tarvitsevat rahoituksensa. Tutkimus, tuotekehittely, uuden Euroopan rakentaminen vaatii rahoituksensa. So, I hope they arena along that urgency and then put it and convert it into some real action, because after Madrid the real action has to start. As it stands right now, not wahl single one of the European Union Member States has submitted a national greenhouse gas reduction plan that would be adequate or in any way sufficient in order to reach the Paris Agreement targets.

But the EU targets are also far from sufficient. In fact, they were agreed inso before the Paris summit. Clearly, we need to step up the game because, right now, Europe does not lead the game. We are looking elsewhere; we are telling other countries that they ardna do something. We need to act ourselves; we cannot wait for others arena act. It is time to act and the Member States need wahl finally agree on the climate arena target of We should homosexuellw do much more to follow the Finnish example and be more ambitious, because is really late.

But having targets for some time in the future is anyway not enough; we need to have concrete measures right now. We need to make sure right now that we will, at some point, achieve and reach targets. And what better way to use as a concrete measure our long—term budget? This is where we decide where we put our money, and wahl should put our money where our mouth is. That means that we should have a Multiannual Financial Framework MFF that invests homosexuelle renewable energies and in ecological agriculture and not, as it is foreseen at present, in agricultural mass production and in fossil fuels.

We need to change our priorities. The EU has to play its fair part in a fair transition and that also needs resources for the European Union. Otherwise we have a lot of demands but not the resources to implement them. But on the income side we also need to be sustainable.

A plastics tax or a carbon border adjustment tax is not just a revenue; it can really be a means of how to shape policies and make sure that wahhl have policies that protect the environment and support a fair transition. And of all of these elements, the European Council can, but also really should, deliver.

Because arena order to stay credible, the EU has to lead with ambitious targets merkel we have to deliver them at home. If not now, when? So, I wish the best of luck to the Finnish Presidency and really hope that all the groups here can contribute by urging governments to actually play their role and say yes to climate neutrality, yes to an ambitious Homosexkelle and not just continue with business as usual. Das ist einer zu wenig, Mathematik wie aus merkell Takka-Tukka-Land.

Das ist die Rechtslage. Wozu auch? Aber leider herrscht wohl auch dort der gleiche Ungeist der sinnfreien Verschwendung. Das ist klassische Subventionspolitik, reine Ideologiebefriedigung, komplette Fehlallokation. Haben Sie Ihre Milchseen und Butterberge von damals eigentlich bereits vergessen?

Diese wirtschaftspolitische Steuerung von oben hat damals nicht merkel, wabl sie wird auch in Zukunft nicht funktionieren. Der immer noch gigantische Anteil des Agrarbudgets sollte Ihnen doch Mahnung genug sein. Die EIB soll nun also Klimabank werden. Die EZB soll ihre Geldpolitik zugunsten des Klimas ausrichten, wo sie doch noch nicht einmal in der Lage ist, das Zinsniveau zu normalisieren. Frau Lagarde fordert bereits eine expansive Fiskalpolitik. Leider wird das dem deutschen Sparer nichts nutzen.

Infrastructure decisions create path dependencies and these gas infrastructure projects will create fossil fuel lock-in for decades Matthew Patten NI. Commissioner Timmermans spoke very powerfully about climate change, our responsibilities to our children and the opportunity to be a role model to the world, and Ms Tuppurainen spoke of the challenges of Brexit to the next EU budget and the need for some to pay more and receive less.

It would send a massive signal to Europe and the world that the EU is really serious about fighting climate change. Please will you put this on the agenda? Robert Rowland NI. Both have failed. The Emissions Trading Scheme has put a completely artificial price on carbon that has led to higher energy prices and the closure of things like British Steel in the UK.

The Renewable Energy Directive has led to perverse incentives and the creation of a new crony capitalist subsidy—seeking climate industrial complex that rivals anything that the fossil fuel companies have produced. The hypocrisy and double standards displayed in this Chamber is truly staggering. In addition, not only have we offshored so much CO2 to China, but we are also offshoring so many manufacturing jobs.

So I would warn you, the Commission, to be very careful what you wish for. Sophia in 't Veld Renew , blue-card question. But I think most experts agree that Brexit is going to be an absolute disaster for the economy, and yet you support it.

Can you explain that? Robert Rowland NI , blue-card answer. But what I can prove is that the climate policies are destroying jobs. We now produce in the UK 1. We want the same, but less of it, is not going to fly either, so we will have to find a compromise where we do more on what needs to be done now and less on what needed to be done in the past. For that, we need to have a reasonable budget where we convince those Member States who say they are frugal, that it is in their interest to pool our resources at the European level to meet these challenges and we convince those Member States who still cling to outdated policies, that they should embrace the potential of moving that towards new policies especially linked to climate change.

This brings me to my second point, and also triggered by some of the remarks that were made. And that is that there is a contradiction between being ambitious on climate policy and saving our industry. The longer we take to embrace the potential of this transition, the more we will hurt our industry and the potential for jobs in the new economy. I will convey their messages to the President of the European Council.

In concluding, let me outline a few things in particular. Respect for the rule of law is the cornerstone of our Union and, as such, essential for its functioning. As regards Hungary in particular, we started the Article 7 hearings in September. In December, in the General Affairs Council we will organise a second hearing. As a priority, the Presidency has focused on preventive action and on making our rule of law toolbox as effective as possible.

Secondly, as noted in this debate, the European Union needs to continue to spearhead climate action and lead by example in order to help raise global ambition. This means engaging in a long—term transition to a climate neutral economy.

Such a transition will bring a profound and radical change in almost every industry and the way we go about our daily lives.

We know that we need to provide the right incentives for this transformation and we will have to make sure that we leave no one behind, taking into account national and regional specificities and different socioeconomic circumstances. Within the MFF context, this will be reflected as part of our negotiation toolbox.

We will provide just transition. As mentioned by some of you, gender balance is another issue that will be addressed in our negotiations box as a very important mainstreaming element. Thirdly, the leaders will provide us with guidance on the overall level of the MFF.

We see Europe developing and we see socioeconomic gaps being reduced, meaning that are our policies are effective. But it also means that the level of support from the EU has to be adapted so a realistic budget should be reflecting this. Thank you very much for your attention and for this valuable discussion. The sitting was suspended at Lo scorso anno Sentsov si trovava ancora in carcere in Siberia.

Le sue parole mi hanno profondamente colpito, ma hanno colpito tutti coloro che le hanno ascoltate. Chiediamo insieme che vengano liberati. Allo stesso modo chiediamo la liberazione di altri vincitori o finalisti del premio Sacharov ancora in carcere. Altri ancora, come Razan Zeitouneh, siriana, vincitrice del premio nel , sono scomparsi e non hanno lasciato traccia.

Non abbiamo dimenticato e non vogliamo dimenticare nessuno di loro. L'Unione europea si fonda sui valori della democrazia e dei diritti umani. Per questo motivo dobbiamo fare tutto il possibile per proteggerla. Signor Sentsov, rendo omaggio al suo coraggio, alla sua perseveranza e alla sua determinazione. Sono felice adesso di darle la parola.

Oleg Sentsov, Winner of the Sakharov Prize I would never have imagined that one day my name would be mentioned alongside theirs. It is a huge honour, and also a huge responsibility. Thank you for this. I accept and take this prize not as a personal honour, but as a prize for all Ukrainian political prisoners who have ever been in Russian prisons, and a prize in honour of all Ukrainian political prisoners who are still there; all our prisoners who are in Donbass in the hands of the separatists; all our activists who continue fighting for our country.

As an honour for all our military men and women who are fighting for our independence, and some of them have even given their lives for our independence. Currently, a lot is being said and talked about: negotiations and a possible peace with Russia. Russia and Putin will absolutely, definitely cheat you. They want to see Ukraine on its knees.

They do not want to apply lawful European policy. They would like to rule by their own methods, by force of arms. You have many internal discussions and differences here in the EU, you have conflicts, you have different views on how to develop, how to reform, how to go forward. We are also subject to military aggression. Each week our military men and women are dying. We have a different level of problems. But given all your internal challenges, the EU is developing. I think it is a great institution and you are a good example to all of us.

There is a country which is the greatest Euro-optimist in the world today: it is called Ukraine. For us, there is no other path for development and no other way out. For us, this is a question of survival as a nation. Please remember hundreds of our young men who are still languishing behind bars who might be subject to torture right now as I speak. Please remember those Russian Tatars who could be arrested right now at this moment. Their houses may be searched, families, children, may lose fathers, brothers.

Please remember those young men who right now, at this moment, are in their military fatigues, with this kind of sign on their sleeve in the trenches, risking their lives for our freedom — and also for your freedom. Thank you. Long live Ukraine. Le prime informazioni ci parlano di diversi morti, numerosi feriti e tanti sfollati. Abbiamo qualche minuto prima di iniziare il voto, che era previsto per le Sospendiamo quindi per qualche minuto e poi riprendiamo con le nostre votazioni.

Per i risultati delle votazioni e altri dettagli che le riguardano: vedasi processo verbale. Robert Roos ECR. De reden: dit verdrag is niet in het belang van Nederland. De kippenboeren in Nederland en de andere EU-landen hebben er een oneerlijke concurrent bijgekregen. Das ist auch so, wenn ein Fraktionsvorsitzender dabei ist. This loophole was found by Ukrainian suppliers and meant that a certain cut, consisting of traditional breast cap with the humerus bone of the wings attached, could be marketed in the EU as a chicken breast by removing the bone, and was then tariff-free, as it entered the EU as a different product.

I welcome that this issue has now been resolved, but call on the Commission in future such negotiations to ensure that all checks and assessments are made in advance to prevent it happening again. Billy Kelleher Renew. Antony Hook Renew. Children grow up in housing that is damp and in disrepair, and schools and healthcare are understaffed. Poverty is rising because living costs are rising and pay is stagnating, made worse because Brexit has destroyed growth in our economy.

That is why Liberal Democrats fight to stop Brexit. This Parliament has previously called for a child guarantee for every child at risk to receive schooling, housing, healthcare and nutrition. Let Europe unite in protecting all of our children. The European Pirates want the public authorities and police forces to have the human capacity to properly respond to the threat of criminals sharing child abuse material over the internet. We should insist on human intervention via internet hotlines, enabling the exchange of information, and helplines assisting victims of abuse.

Calling on private companies to monitor the entire internet in order to make sure that nobody is sending wrong images is, however, not the way forward. When effective law enforcement is increasingly outsourced to private companies and their dominant technologies with very little public intervention, we are only helping to hide the representation of abuse without any guarantee of investigation and prosecution of criminals.

Yana Toom Renew. The UN says it is impossible to estimate the number of European children in Iraq and Syria as many of them were born there during the war.

The safe repatriation of children should be our priority but so far France has repatriated 18, Sweden 7 and Germany fewer than 10 children. At the same time, the right to return to the state of which one is a national is enshrined in several legal documents. Glasoval sem za resolucijo, ker zame ta pomeni merilo civiliziranosti. Ramona Strugariu Renew. Guido Reil ID. Es gibt unglaublich viele echte Themen. Lasst sie uns endlich angreifen.

Daniel Hannan ECR. The desire to protect children is the most basic of all human instincts. So why did I just vote against this Declaration on the Rights of the Child? Because, yet again, something that has a motherhood and apple pie title is, in fact, filled with a miscellany of trivia, with congeries of accretions — all sorts of issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the basic title.

There are some amendments from the right, some from the left, there are issues here to do with abortion, to do with LGBT rights, to do with sex education, to do with the rights of children of fighters in the militia camps in Iraq and Syria. Sensitive issues of this kind should be dealt with by national parliamentarians elected on respectable turnouts, known to their constituents and therefore in a way that we cannot be answerable to their peoples.

We Pirate Party members of this House, however, regret to see that certain stakeholders, including powerful lobby groups, are using this important resolution to promote their own commercial products. And political groups like the EPP are taking children hostage of private interests and make their support of this entire resolution dependent on this language being included.

We fiercely oppose technology to subject an entire network to surveillance, because there are just too many ways to abuse it. The resolution also grossly misrepresents the findings of the quoted study. Internet service providers are increasingly using filters to detect and report the unlawful distribution of child sexual abuse material, but there is no evidence that the total number of such images — reported or unreported — is actually increasing.

So, for these reasons, the Pirate delegation regrets that we cannot support the resolution, due to paragraph 16 and recital O and we abstained. Het resultaat van deze dagenlange besprekingen en van deze gezamenlijke inspanning is dat we tot een begroting gekomen zijn die — rekening houdend met de budgettaire restricties en budgettaire discipline die ook op Europees vlak zeker in acht moet worden genomen — toekomstgericht is en aan de verwachtingen van de burgers voldoet.

Het is een sterke, toekomstgerichte begroting, een begroting ook die — en dat is toch wel zeer belangrijk in deze fase — de brug slaat naar een volgend financieel meerjarenplan waarin we resoluut verder moeten werken aan het Europa van de 21e eeuw.

Het lijkt me namelijk nogal evident op dit moment, als we om ons heen kijken in de wereld: het zal in grote mate van die meerjarenbegroting en wat we daarin kunnen bewerkstelligen afhangen of Europa in de 21e eeuw de vooraanstaande rol zal kunnen spelen die het rechtmatig mag opeisen, maar waar het dan ook naar moet handelen. We maken voor het komende jaar een grote omslag naar investeringen in domeinen waar de EU meerwaarde biedt, zoals onderzoek en ontwikkeling en energie-infrastructuur.

Ook inzake veiligheid en migratie werd er in deze begroting de nodige aandacht besteed om te doen waar de Europese burgers om vragen. We moeten naar de toekomst toe in diezelfde richtingen op dezelfde manier durven doorgaan. We moeten kiezen voor een begroting die inderdaad op een expliciete, duidelijke en doortastende manier rekening houdt met de noden die onze burgers ventileren, een begroting die — nogmaals, de punten waar Europa absoluut meerwaarde kan bieden ten opzichte van het nationale niveau — inzet op innovatie, competitiviteit, klimaat, infrastructuur, veiligheid en migratiebeheer.

Ik zou als voorzitter van de Begrotingscommissie ook heel graag alle personen die betrokken waren bij de opmaak en het uiteindelijke akkoord willen bedanken, in de eerste plaats de rapporteurs, mevrouw Monika Hohlmeier en mevrouw Eider Gardiazabal, maar zeker ook meneer Kimmo Tiilikainen, staatssecretaris van het Finse voorzitterschap.

Achter deze mensen staat er een hele batterij medewerkers die ook allemaal — ik heb het voor de eerste keer en met veel plezier van nabij kunnen meemaken — met heel veel inzet en doorzettingsvermogen gewerkt hebben. Wat we, denk ik, nog kunnen leren uit het proces dat we de voorbije twee weken hebben meegemaakt, is dat het inderdaad toch wel bijzonder zinvol is om op een open, directe manier met elkaar te praten, elkaar duidelijk te maken waar het voor de respectievelijke partijen op staat, en vanuit die duidelijkheid vervolgens een compromis te bereiken.

Er is niets zo moeilijk als tot een compromis komen wanneer de uitgangspunten onduidelijk zijn. Ik denk dat misschien wel de grote verdienste van de betrokken partijen bij deze besprekingen geweest is dat het van het begin af aan heel duidelijk was wat de doelstellingen waren, waar men naartoe wilde zodat er dus ruimte ontstond om tot een compromis te komen.

Dat is, denk ik, op een succesvolle manier gebeurd. Monika Hohlmeier, Berichterstatterin. Aber ich glaube, dass wir gute Kompromisse erzielt haben.

Dass es keine Margen mehr gibt, ist einfach falsch. Ich glaube, dass wir wirklich auch in dieser Hinsicht dem Rat entgegengekommen sind. Eider Gardiazabal Rubial, ponente. Y quiero acabar haciendo un agradecimiento. Kimmo Tiilikainen, President-in-Office of the Council.

The positive outcome of the negotiations shows that our three institutions can work efficiently in a spirit of good cooperation. The deal we reached reflects strongly our common priorities — climate action, growth and competitiveness, research and digitalisation, young people, security and migration. Additional funds have also been allocated to the LIFE programme. Furthermore, programmes and projects supporting competitiveness increased by 7.

In the area of migration and security, a number of key EU agencies, such as Frontex, EASA, Europol and Eurojust, will be endowed with additional staff and funding in view of their in-house mandates. While posting support for EU flagship programmes, we have at the same time applied a prudent and responsible approach in line with sound financial management.

The Council insisted on such an approach during the whole budgetary procedure and has continuously stressed the need to take into account financial realities at national level. In our official meetings in the course of the year, as well as during our informal contacts, I very much appreciated the positive atmosphere that prevailed in our talks. Both sides of the table were ready to engage constructively to reach an agreement to reframe the discussion around shared interests and come up with solutions.

I am glad to inform you that after the successful outcome of the Conciliation Committee, the joint text was formally approved by the Council yesterday.

The Council expects the European Parliament to also approve the joint text tomorrow. The general budget for the financial year will then be adopted within the deadline foreseen by the Treaties. Your hard work and enthusiasm can be highly commended. Together we saved the day.

Gut waren die Verantwortungsbereitschaft und das Verantwortungsbewusstsein aller Beteiligten. Besten Dank allen Beteiligten. Quelle est vraiment notre ambition pour notre avenir et celui de nos enfants? Si nous avions une grande ambition, nous aurions un grand budget. Mais il faut aller plus loin. Unsere Antwort darauf ist ein echter Green New Deal. Wir freuen uns darauf, es gemeinsam mit vielen anderen Fraktionen zu tun.

Sie sagten eben, es passiert nicht oft, dass Rat und Kommission vom Parlament gelobt werden. Was wir hier erleben, ist nicht Haushaltsplanung, es ist gewollte Intransparenz. Was also im EU-Haushaltsplan als vergleichsweise kleiner Haushaltstitel erscheint, kann in Wirklichkeit ein Riesenprojekt sein.

Doch was ist ein Haushaltsplan wert, der die wahre Mittelverteilung nicht zeigt, sondern verschleiert? Mit zwei Worten: gar nichts.

Det tar helt enkelt inte slut. Mario Furore NI. Questi sono i punti chiave del futuro e spero che queste negoziazioni, anche riguardo al quadro finanziario pluriennale, ne tengano conto. Apprezzo, dall'altra parte, i tagli concordati alla Turchia. Non ci possiamo permettere di finanziare regimi guerrafondai, per quanto mi riguarda. Ritengo che in questo dobbiamo invertire la rotta. Jan Olbrycht PPE.

Na procura de dar respostas aos jovens valorizou-se o programa emprego jovem, garantia jovem e o programa Erasmus. Dito isto, estou satisfeita com o resultado? Olivier Chastel Renew.

So I think that would help in terms of transparency. For me it was very interesting because I learned three things. The first is that the new set—up of Parliament with Renew and the Greens also pushing priorities can lead to a budget which is actually better.

The third thing is — and this makes me a bit less optimistic — that the national governments often seem only to care about the bottom line of how much they have to pay and how much they get back into their own pockets.

If we now think about this as the prelude to the MFF for the seventh annual framework, I think we have to step up our game because the problems that we are facing — and I was in Lesbos a week ago — are so much bigger than what we are currently committing to.

Filip De Man ID. Waarom miljarden weggeven aan Turkije? Waarom jaar na jaar geld verkwisten aan de opvang van de eindeloze toestroom van immigranten? Waarom belastinggeld uittrekken voor de toetreding van landen die alleen maar een zware bijkomende budgettaire last kunnen betekenen?

Wanneer houden we op met de klimaathysterie? Onze fractie is dus tegen, temeer daar de Vlamingen de grootste nettobetalers zijn van de hele Unie. Maar blijkbaar maakt men hier in de Europese Unie van Belgische stropers boswachters. Beiden lieten nochtans een volledig ontspoorde begroting na voor ze het zinkende schip verlieten. Ik ga hier geen bepaalde soort knaagdieren noemen, maar het waren alleszins geen eekhoorns die het schip verlieten. Panie Komisarzu! Panie Ministrze!

Quanto ao resto, nenhuma novidade. It appears that Franco-German relations have hit a new low point. We have recently witnessed the unedifying display of little Napoleon himself, Emmanuel Macron, as he parades his global ambitions by humiliating NATO, and now it seems, Angela Merkel. Ironically, the Germans are really going to miss us.

But Macron wants more. Germany will now see its contribution double over the next MFF, whereas France barely pays a euro more, net.

So watching this dispute get resolved will be a welcome respite from my Brexit fatigue. Angelika Winzig PPE. Protecting the European way of life setzt auch ein zukunftsfittes Budget voraus. Ma non vogliamo fermarci qui, caro Commissario Oettinger. Abbiamo fatto passi in avanti, importanti, come richiesto dalle nostre dichiarazioni al termine della procedura di conciliazione. Ora ci aspettiamo nei prossimi mesi un supporto concreto per le produzioni agroalimentari europee colpite da questa rappresaglia commerciale.

Aber in Zukunft geht es jetzt auch um noch viel mehr. Immer noch denken und rechnen einige hier — wie die Brexit-Partei eben und insbesondere einige Mitgliedstaaten —vor allem nur: Was haben wir einbezahlt, was bekommen wir raus?

Wir brauchen in Europa mehr Spitzenforscherinnen und Spitzenforscher, wir brauchen mehr Erasmus-Austausch und neue Technologien gegen den Klimawandel. Das wollen wir ihnen nicht zumuten. Hermann Tertsch ECR. The budget, which is actually the largest one of the last MFF, and for which I thank the whole conciliation team, is actually a transition budget.

It projects us into the future, because the real challenge is going to be the new MFF. We have to decide whether we want to be ambitious or shy, and whether we would like to work in an expansive — though responsible — way, maybe facing a new economic crisis, or if we want to go on with business as usual.

Two things are very clear. We need new own resources to finance the goals we want to achieve, and both are connected to climate change and to the internal market. We also need a new MFF centred on well—rooted European policies, like cohesion policy and agricultural policy, but also linked to the new policies like, for instance, the implementation of the social pillar.

Budgetary policies are, as you know, at the core of political institutions. They represent the way we respond to citizens, but they also represent the way in which we can show what we do or do not do. Numbers do not lie.

So I hope we will be very courageous. Nils Torvalds Renew. Adam Jarubas PPE. Tym bardziej cieszy wypracowany kompromis i konsensus po raz pierwszy popierany tak szeroko przez grupy polityczne w Parlamencie. Luis Garicano Renew. Cuando actuamos juntos, resolvemos esos problemas mucho mejor.

Karlo Ressler PPE. There is no progress without unity. That would not happen if it were not for the Members of the European Parliament. I hope the critics who like to highlight the negative will at least give some recognition to the positive. Again, will that be highlighted? The money has been used in a very sensible way: EUR million for Horizon This is very important to keep us at the forefront in terms of competitiveness and development and innovation in the world.

Krzysztof Hetman PPE. Commissioner, you say that Do you not think that all infrastructure projects relating to fossil fuel should be banned at this stage — all new projects — and that we need to move on?

For example, we are looking at a liquefied natural gas terminal in the Shannon estuary. Do you honestly believe, Commissioner, that this is the way forward? This is to support the American expansion of fracking in America.

Someone said that there was 50 million extra to be called upon if necessary. Do you not think, given that we have 25 million children across Europe at risk of poverty, that this should now be immediately directed to help those people out of poverty? Nur drei Gedanken am Schluss. Die Energiepolitik Europas war bisher immer aus drei Zielen zusammengesetzt: erstens Nachhaltigkeit und damit Klimaschutz, zweitens Versorgungssicherheit und drittens Bezahlbarkeit von Energie.

Deswegen Diversifizierung von Routen und von Quellen. Ich will — als zweitletzter Punkt — nochmals dem finnischen Ratsvorsitz danken. Besten Dank. The discussion has shown that we are united in our commitment to build a better working Europe to the benefit of all our citizens.

The negotiations on the budget took place under complex and uncertain circumstances. In spite of this, we worked together with a very good spirit and found a way to reconcile our positions. I am convinced that the agreement reached on the budget for is a good and balanced compromise, allowing the Union to adequately finance our common priorities and different programmes.

Elke begroting is een compromis. Elke begroting schiet tekort ten opzichte van individuele prioriteiten of prioriteiten van bepaalde groepen of van alle groepen afzonderlijk. Dus in die zin is dat het noodlot van elke begroting. Maar nogmaals, ik heb vastgesteld dat er toch wel een grote meerderheid is, wat uiteraard een heuglijke vaststelling is als voorzitter van de Begrotingscommissie. Dit komt op een scharniermoment voor Europa.

De hele wereld is in beweging zoals zelden tevoren: China, de VS, geopolitieke bewegingen, technologie, klimaat Het lijstje kan lang gemaakt worden. Het is van enorm belang dat Europa hier stevig in zijn schoenen staat. Zonder dat op een uitdrukkelijke manier te doen, zal Europa een voetnoot in de geschiedenis worden en ik denk dat iedereen die hier aanwezig is dat op een constructieve manier wil voorkomen.

Die twee gaan onherroepelijk samen. Daarvoor zijn de komende besprekingen over het nieuwe MFK van uitzonderlijk belang en er zullen zeer zorgvuldige, gefundeerde afwegingen gemaakt moeten worden om tot een constructief, creatief en gedurfd compromis te komen, want ook dat zal per definitie een compromis moeten zijn.

Ik hoop dat we dat kunnen doen in een sfeer van onderling vertrouwen en respectvolle openhartigheid, zoals we dat ook met de laatste besprekingen in het kader van de bemiddelingsprocedure hebben kunnen doen, en de grote eer daarvoor gaat naar de rapporteurs, Monika en Eider, gaat zeker ook naar het Finse presidentschap, Kimmo en zijn team, maar zeker ook naar iemand waar we vandaag — zoals we dat in Vlaanderen zeggen, met hangende pootjes — afscheid van nemen, commissaris Oettinger.

Ik kan het niet genoeg benadrukken. Christos Stylianides, Member of the Commission. Extreme weather events are happening more frequently, and unfortunately with greater intensity.

Droughts and forest fires are no longer confined to the Mediterranean, as we saw in Sweden last year; tropical hurricanes travel up to the coast of Ireland; heavy rain and flash floods occur across Europe. The floods affecting Venice are yet another tragic example, causing immense damage to Venice, its people and their livelihoods — also to the cultural heritage of Italy, of Europe and of humanity as a whole.

The European Union has developed tools to provide assistance once natural disasters have occurred. From prevention and preparedness to the recovery phase. For example, projects funded under Horizon are improving the prediction of the impact of heavy rain and snowfall on roads. The Commission also provides guidelines and encourages Member States to compile national risk assessments, which are an essential tool to fight the impact of floods. For the immediate response in the event of a disaster, our European Civil Protection Mechanism and the new upgrade rescEU structure can be activated at the request of the affected countries to support them in their response to floods.

Recent examples include the support following extensive floods in Central Europe and the floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where extensive response capacities were deployed, including rescue helicopters and boats, teams of experts and response modules. To be noted that in the aftermath of disastrous forest fires in , the European Union, as I already said, adopted rescEU. It is a safety net to support our Member States when they are overwhelmed by natural disasters.

For the recovery phase, you know very well that the EU Solidarity Fund intervenes to assist the population in the recovery of essential infrastructure, in clean-up operations and in the safeguarding of the cultural heritage. Now, turning to the EU response to the floods affecting the region of Venice. The European Commission, through its Copernicus emergency satellite mapping system — a very sophisticated and excellent system — has already produced high-quality maps to assess the extent of floods in Northeast Italy.

These products are provided free of charge to any affected country, and are used extensively by our Member States. So far, we have not received any requests for support. Also, for the recovery phase, the Solidarity Fund could be activated in case total direct damage exceeds a threshold of 1. This is our regulation, these are our rules. The Commission has established direct contact with the Italian authorities and is providing guidance and advice on a possible application through the Solidarity Fund.

At this stage, it is too early to know the exact extent of the damage on which the possible mobilisation of the Solidarity Fund and the amount of assistance would depend. But we must do more. What happened in Venice is, unfortunately, an example of what is to come as climate change develops. We must be proactive, and this is why in recent years the Commission has been putting an increased focus on prevention, climate adaptation and risk management policies.

Here I would like to say that I am really proud of our common achievement to establish rescEU in which one of the most important pillars is prevention and preparedness, and I think we have to continue in this way. I am sure that the next Commission will continue in this way because it is the only way to deal with the new phenomena due to climate change. Antonio Tajani, a nome del gruppo PPE. Ho parlato con il sindaco di Savona poco fa, ho parlato con il sindaco di Venezia.

Non possiamo tutte le volte agire dopo nella conta dei danni. Inoltre, le tragedie si evitano se si fanno le opere di mitigazione ambientale: non si aspetta che il fiume esondi ma si costruiscono le casse di espansione e le opere di regimazione idraulica. Sulle conseguenze dei fenomeni meteorologici estremi l'Unione europea deve mostrare ai suoi cittadini di essere capace di definire un'agenda e di concretizzarla.

Laurence Farreng, au nom du groupe Renew. Haven stiger, precis som vi ser i Venedig nu. Rosanna Conte, a nome del gruppo ID. Esprimo oggi qui a Strasburgo il mio profondo affetto a tutte le popolazioni colpite e alla mia terra.

Venezia ha bisogno di tutti, ha bisogno dell'Europa. Questa volta l'Europa non deve girare la testa dall'altra parte.

Venezia, ma non solo Venezia, si aspetta questo dall'Europa, in fretta e senza perdite di tempo. Anna Zalewska, w imieniu grupy ECR. Sabrina Pignedoli NI. La scorsa settimana un patrimonio mondiale come Venezia ha subito danni gravissimi a causa delle inondazioni. L'ultimo rapporto dell'Agenzia per l'ambiente dell'ONU parla di un aumento delle temperature di 3,2 gradi dai livelli preindustriali, con grande rischio di eventi climatici distruttivi.

Il motivo? I gas serra a livello globale continuano ad aumentare, nonostante gli interventi per cercare di limitarli. L'Europa ha deciso di puntare verso un green new deal , ma la sua visione deve essere globale e davvero molto ambiziosa. Gli Stati europei, infatti, devono diventare un esempio di come sviluppo e tutela dell'ambiente possano andare di pari passo.

Herbert Dorfmann PPE. Ja, in der Tat, auch der Norden Italiens — und auch die Region, aus der ich komme — ist in den letzten Wochen von schweren Unwettern heimgesucht worden. There is no doubt that Venice is a cultural capital. You look at the Renaissance architecture and all that it has given to Europe in terms of history, politics and culture. So, from that perspective, I do want to convey my deepest sympathies. Of course, we have to acknowledge that global warming and rising sea levels are now a factor that continually threaten our coastal areas, so Venice is just a symbol of what is happening across the globe.

The European Union and individual Member States will have to accept and address this particular issue of rising sea levels and how they protect our cities and towns from flooding. From that perspective, I can understand how people in Venice feel, owing to the fact that my own city of Cork in Ireland has experienced flooding on a regular basis. So we do need to put in place proper funds and ensure that there is solidarity with cities and towns that continually flood.

Ingenti i danni subiti dalla biblioteca e dal Conservatorio: sono stati compromessi numerosi e importanti documenti musicali, tra i quali le partiture di compositori come Vivaldi e Beethoven. Piange Matera, Capitale europea della cultura Soffrono Liguria e Piemonte, flagellate dal maltempo di questi giorni, come le coste spazzate da mareggiate violentissime. El pasado mes de julio, en Tafalla sufrimos inundaciones causadas por unas lluvias torrenciales sin precedentes.

Rosa D'Amato NI. Ci ritroviamo ad affrontare gli ingenti danni al patrimonio storico, culturale e archeologico di Matera e di Venezia. Ci sono grosse perdite economiche per le imprese e per i cittadini. Sono strumenti utili ma ora bisogna ribaltare la prospettiva, la visione.

Bisogna uscire dalla logica emergenziale e agire strutturalmente sulla prevenzione e sulle cause. Andrey Novakov PPE. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Venice made it into the headlines following massive floods and, unfortunately, this is yet another disaster which we have to address. I believe that, in order to prevent such things, we should invest in prevention more than recovering from such disasters. I believe that the European Union should have relations just like in a marriage so it should be there in good and bad times.

When somebody falls to the ground, there should be a hand to pick him up. Plusieurs constats apparaissent. Venezia, la sua laguna, il litorale veneziano, da Jesolo a Chioggia, sono stati flagellati da alluvioni e mareggiate.

Stiamo parlando di un miliardo di danni. I veneziani hanno reagito subito, con cuore e con orgoglio, si sono messi gli stivali e hanno pulito le case e i negozi. Come dicono a Venezia: "Duri i banchi! Nicola Procaccini ECR. Serve concretezza e serve ora. Sabine Verheyen PPE. Auch in anderen Teilen Italiens herrscht starkes Unwetter.

How to fulfill this duty? Well the last weeks have proven that once again one of the solutions is tackling climate change. What we do not need now is this religious-like belief that future technology will save us, is this bullshitting around of denying climate change or this useless discussion about what to do. We know what to do: stop coal until ; implement an ETS that covers all sectors with a limited amount of certificates; introduce additional carbon taxes on transport and travel; establish a border adjustment and use all the revenues for climate research adaptation and mitigation.

But what we also need is more money to save our European culture. I call for a fund for the salvation of heritage sites with special significance for our common European history.

Markus Buchheit ID. Eleonora Evi NI. A fine ottobre l'acqua alta a Venezia ha toccato un metro e 56 centimetri. E chi ne paga le conseguenze? In passato le compagnie petrolifere non solo hanno nascosto che l'uso dei combustibili fossili avrebbe avuto conseguenze nocive per il clima, ma talune hanno addirittura investito nella disinformazione sui cambiamenti climatici.

Nell'immediato il governo italiano ha creato per Venezia e i comuni del Polesine una zona economica speciale, in armonia con le norme europee e dimostrando sinergia tra le Istituzioni. Ma la risposta emergenziale non basta. Paolo Borchia ID. E, por isso, urge agir. Annalisa Tardino ID. Tomislav Sokol PPE.

Prema studiji iz Krajnje je vrijeme da proglasimo klimatsku krizu te hitno implementiramo mjere za preokretanje trendova globalnog zatopljenja. Georg Mayer ID. Wenn wir aber in uns gehen, dann wissen wir doch: Naturkatastrophen gab es schon immer und wird es immer geben. Das ist eine Art, wie Mutter Natur uns zeigt, dass wir diesen Planeten eben nicht beherrschen.

Our towns and cities rely heavily on their cultural heritage as an income generator through tourism. Taking care of our cultural heritage can also improve the quality of life for the local population.

We must therefore do our utmost to protect cultural heritage from the effects of extreme meteorological events, which is an increasing threat due to climate change. A good example of EU action is the Storm Project, which safeguards cultural heritage through the management of technical resources. The Mellor heritage site in my constituency of Stockport, Greater Manchester, is one of the projects to benefit from this innovative EU collaboration.

Meanwhile EU cohesion policy continues to provide an important source of funding for cultural heritage of EUR Silvia Sardone ID.

Per l'emergenza frane, territori come Lombardia, Piemonte e Liguria e tanti altri sono stati drammaticamente colpiti in Italia. L'Europa non fa assolutamente nulla. In Emilia Romagna, tra il 2 e il 20 novembre, si sono verificate 17 allerte, molte delle quali con livello rosso, con interventi dei Vigili del fuoco e squadre di volontari, che ringrazio. Oltre ai danni, ovviamente, si sommano gli aspetti amministrativi.

Francesca Donato ID. Lucia Vuolo ID. Smottamenti, frane, allagamenti, crolli di viadotti, colture andare perse e purtroppo vittime. Dal al l'Italia ha subito danni da maltempo per 8 miliardi di euro. Aiuti, ma anche ritardi. Solo nel settembre , dopo un anno dagli eventi calamitosi nel Nord Est italiano, la Commissione ha sbloccato milioni di euro.

Danni per 2,5 miliardi di euro. Lo abbiamo chiesto come gruppo ID e lo ribadisco personalmente qui in questa seduta plenaria. They are sadly a reality for the people of Venice; they are a reality for the victims in Albania who tragically lost their lives; they are a reality for the citizens of Portrane, a coastal village in Dublin where I come from, where chunks of land have fallen into the sea, even today.

Where residents watched earlier this year to see their house falling into the sea and months later remain unhoused in that area. Climate experts say that Ireland is already overdue a catastrophic storm surge of up to 3 metres at a nationwide cost and damage to property alone of EUR 1 billion. Now governments and the European Union need to be ahead of the curve on this. We urgently need disaster-relief preparedness and we need a long-term strategy, mitigating coastal erosion.

Our government seems to be incapable of that, kicking the can between the local authority and the government. We, on a European basis, need to come together and to deal with what is a meteorological catastrophe. I would like to say that, once again, recent events in Venice show us that climate change is real, is happening now and is not fake news. So, at the same time, we need two approaches: a strategic approach called the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and, of course, prevention and preparedness.

What we tried to do in the former Commission was what Ms Zovko has already said, rescEU, and thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, we tried to establish and to upgrade the European civil protection mechanism through rescEU in order to deal with natural disasters efficiently and effectively. But we have only taken one first step. We need more and more. Thank you so much for your support. It is a common achievement, but my sincere advice, through the last five years of experience, is that you have to go beyond the first step in the rescEU field.

Otherwise, we will face a lot of problems because the new phenomena due to climate change is so complicated and complex. Nobody can deal with this phenomena alone because it is so complicated. At the same time, many of you already insist on solidarity.

Yes, solidarity is the fundamental principle for our Union and this is why, now, some rescue teams, through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, are running and are in action in Albania in order to save lives. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to say more about our EU initiatives that will help us address the challenge over the years to come.

First, disaster risk management is vital, in particular for our cohesion policy. Local and regional authorities are the first to face the impact of disasters. Investing in risk management is cost-effective; it prevents future losses and it contributes to sustainable development. As I said, prevention is the main focus of our investment, with actions to improve the modelling of risk, early warning systems, the preparation of strategies and guidelines, etc.

In this period we have also seen a large focus on green infrastructure to manage risks. Furthermore, under the Urban Agenda for the European Union, the Partnership on Climate Adaptation coordinated by the City of Genoa is implementing ten actions to anticipate climate change and take appropriate measures to prevent or minimise the damage it can cause to urban areas.

The Commission has also launched the European Natural Hazard Scientific Partnership, a network of scientific European institutions and international organisations that monitor natural hazards.

Besides prevention, we also focus on preparedness with support for equipment, infrastructure and training of civil protection units. We offer flexibility in our programmes. Programme amendments can be proposed and swiftly agreed to shift resources towards areas that are most in need. So, if changes need to be made, we can still do this within this funding period.

The second point is that we are promoting initiatives to mitigate the impact of climate change on cultural heritage. That is in particular the case with the support of the Horizon Programme with climate action, mitigating the impacts of climate change and natural hazards on cultural heritage. The Commission has also been funding the use of digital technologies for the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage. The latest initiative includes a future European Competence Centre for the preservation and conservation of European cultural heritage by using ICT technologies, under Horizon once again.

In the same vein, the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage includes a focus on protecting cultural heritage against natural disasters and climate change. In , a group of experts from EU Member States will analyse and share innovative policy measures for heritage sites to mitigate the impact of climate change. With the support, of course, of Horizon , the Commission is investing some EUR 18 million in this field.

So the list of what the European Union is doing to protect our communities against the disastrous impact of natural disasters, but also to preserve our cultural heritage, is long.

No doubt much more remains to be done. I know and am sure that we can count on your support and your initiatives in order to be more effective and more efficient.

I would like to express my strong concerns on this. As you know, the European Commission has been closely monitoring the developments and the accounts of recent events that have reached to the Commission are very worrying. LGBT free zone stickers were distributed by a Polish newspaper.

All this is occurring in a climate of rising anti-LGBTI rhetoric in the run-up to the Polish parliamentary election that took place last month. The European Commission strongly condemns these developments. Any form of discrimination, intolerance or violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics, goes against the fundamental values of the European Union that are founded in Article II of the Treaty. In addition, Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which has the same legal values as the Treaties, prohibits any discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and sex.

Some of the Polish authorities that have adopted anti-LGBTI resolutions, declarations or statements, are managing authorities or beneficiaries of operational programmes supported by the EU Structural and Investment Funds, and on 23 October this year, the Commission met with Polish authorities in the framework of an annual review meeting of the regional operational programmes that are financed or co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund and we stressed the need to respect EU law, including the Charter, in the implementation of these programmes, particularly the principle of non-discrimination.

The Commission will continue to monitor the situation in Poland, and we will engage with Poland to make sure incidents of this kind never happen again. Thank you very much for this possibility to have the debate. Magdalena Adamowicz, w imieniu grupy PPE.

Sophia in 't Veld, on behalf of the Renew Group. But clearly they have got more important things to do. Difference — that is not just discrimination. There is a word for this policy. If you want to eliminate, erase a whole part of the population, there is a word for that, I am not going to name it here. It is not just discrimination and we should go much further than just condemning it; it is a violation of human rights and a violation of international law and it has no place in the European Union, it has to stop.

Imagine for one moment you are growing up in one of these regions as a young gay, lesbian or transperson. You are already lost. You probably have a lot of questions, some of which you might not want to discuss with your parents, but in your school you cannot discuss it with anyone because your teachers are not supposed to talk to you about this.

Then your city council unanimously approves a motion that states that you are against the law of nature. That the way you love, or the way that you are is threatening so-called Christian morality and family.

How would you feel? Alone, abandoned, scared. You have rights and we, as the European Union, will stand up and defend them here in this Parliament, and we are there for you. We cannot accept such an attack on European values and fundamental rights in this Union and this is why more than this resolution that we have to adopt, we have to make this part of the Article 7 procedure against Poland because this is going beyond anything that the European Union stands for.

And lastly, I was raised and baptised as a Roman Catholic. The Jesus that I learned about in my church, was not preaching hatred, he was preaching the exact opposite. He was not telling his followers to go with pitchforks against anyone who is different.

He was preaching love, and we should bring exactly the same to the people who are marginalised today, and not use our Christianity against them applause.

Maximilian Krah, on behalf of the ID Group. The Polish nation is worth that it decides themselves how it organises its lives and we thank the Polish nation a lot. They brought us freedom against the communists and they now give us a new hope in Europe for a conservative approach in government. Maximilian Krah ID , blue-card answer. If we are in a relationship between two private persons, then both have the liberty to express their opinions and their concerns.

The State is only asked to interfere if violence is in the game or if the law is violated. The point is that what you are doing here is that you are attacking the Republic of Poland and the authorities for something that happened because of a private organisation or the misbehaviour of an individual. That is the reason why I think that you are attacking the State of Poland, because you dislike the conservative government, and use misbehaviour and maybe criminal acts of private individuals.

And that is not acceptable. For misbehaviour and laws broken in Poland, the Polish police are responsible and Polish courts have to pass sentence. It is not a matter for which the European Parliament has to ask for sanctions to be imposed on the Republic of Poland.

This is unacceptable and is an attack on the sovereignty of Poland. Beata Kempa, w imieniu grupy ECR. Porozmawiajmy o faktach. Wysoki Parlamencie! I druga rzecz. We express our disapproval and disagreement for attempts to promote LGBT ideology, which is against natural law and against our long traditional values and our Christian morality.

Vad kommer efter detta? Jag hoppas verkligen inte det! Isabella Adinolfi NI. L'estrema destra vorrebbe forse riscrivere la Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani, aggiungendo che quei diritti valgono per molti, ma non per tutti. Vi ricordate il concetto di Judendfrei?

Ci apprestiamo a un nuovo nazismo? Ma queste sono scuse, sono scuse utilizzate da chi vuole canalizzare questo odio per fini di propaganda. Noi vogliamo riscrivere la storia, ma quella buona! Maria Walsh PPE. What we are talking about today and what we are hearing is happening in our European Union.

This is not just a question about policy. It is a direct assault on human rights. Hate crime undermines the inclusiveness of our society. But what we are discussing today, what we are hearing, reminds us we cannot be complacent.

We need to defend what has been achieved. And, unfortunately, there is strong evidence that hate speech and discrimination is still a reality for many of our communities and we need to take action together. We need all our politicians to make it clear that we cannot and we will not tolerate any hate speech or discrimination.

We need our institutions, such as our criminal justice systems to be able to take action against hate speech and discriminations.

And finally, we need EU institutions to take action. This kind of discrimination has clear cross-border dimensions and it is a fundamental challenge to the values of our EU and our Member States.

I am Irish and I am European and no one has the right to tell me where I should live and how I should live. And they have every right to be proud of their country like you are, they have every right to be a part of the community like you are, and you have no right whatsoever to exclude them. The other week we had to listen to a long and tedious rant from Mr Legutko about how social engineering was occurring in the European Union on a scale that you would find in communist countries.

You would think that someone who bravely fought communism would be aware of the grim irony that under communism LGBTI people were persecuted against and, in some cases, executed.

The words that we use in this place matter. Bettina Weber. Das Parlament arbeitet an einer entsprechenden Vorlage. Was einfach klingt, wird zu einem gesetzgeberischen Grossprojekt. Claudia Blumer. Peter Nonnenmacher, London. Zita Affentranger. Martin Huber. Zum Blog. Philipp Tingler. Von Stefania Telesca Und bringt die Republikaner in Schwierigkeiten. Von Nicolas Richter. Von Res Strehle Von Michael Meier. Von David Hesse Nur adoptieren sollen sie nicht. Von Simone Rau. Betroffene fordern Sofortmassnahmen.

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