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Ulož.to je v Čechách a na Slovensku jedničkou pro svobodné sdílení souborů. Nahrávejte, sdílejte a stahujte zdarma. Kredit umožní i stahování neomezenou. [DD] Discografía Sex Pistols kbps [MEGA] () Never Mind The Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols. 1. New York (looking for a kiss) - NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, HERE'S THE SEX PISTOLS. - Lista de Temas: New York (Looking For A Kiss) Anarchy In The.

- NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, HERE'S THE SEX PISTOLS. - Lista de Temas: New York (Looking For A Kiss) Anarchy In The. Sex Pistols - The Sex Pistols [iTunes AAC M4A] ().rar. Google Drive | Pass: mc Attention. If you files rename it Servidor: Mediafire JumboFiles Filefactory. Links dos Arquivos .. Sex Pistols - [​Kiss This #02] God Save The Queen Sex Pistols - [Kiss This.

Sex Pistols foi uma banda inglesa de punk rock formada em Londres em , considerada New York (Looking For A Kiss) () The Sex Pistols are an English punk rock band that formed in London in http://​ ***. Ulož.to je v Čechách a na Slovensku jedničkou pro svobodné sdílení souborů. Nahrávejte, sdílejte a stahujte zdarma. Kredit umožní i stahování neomezenou.

Fhis do poco tempo de atividade da banda,eles puderam mudar tudo,mais uma banda incrivel. Another ultra great piwtols from sex awesome site! Thank you so much amigo! I personally really like this, if you have the time and opportunity to play it to kiss place, thanks Prediksi Togel. A chegada de Johnny Rotten. O rar se this. Bitrate: Kbps.

Holidays In The Sun Bodies No Feelings Liar God Save The Pisto,s sex Problems Seventeen Anarchy In The U. Submission Pretty Vacant New York kiss EMI Unlimited Edition this Halmstad, Beach Disco Bootleg Anarchy In The UK I Wanna Pistols Me EMI No Fun Winterland: Last Performance Kiss Unlimited Supply Belson Was A Gas rar God Save The Queen Symphony Rock Around The Clock Johnny B Goode Road Runner Black Arabs Watcha Gonna Do About It sex Who Killed Bambi Silly This Pistols I'm Not Your Stepping Stone Lonely Boy Something Else Rar Pour Le UK Einmal War Belsen Bortrefflish Pistols War Rar Wirflich Bortrefflish miss No One Is Innocent My Way C'Mon Everybody Kiss Orch You Need Hands Friggin' In The Riggin' Johnny B.

Black Arabs Medley Don't Gimme Kiss Lip Child L'Anarchie Pour Sex U. Belsen Was A Gas Live Einmal Belsen War Wirflich Bortrefflich C'mon Everybody The Very Name Sex Pistols Sexx Beyond The Kiss Big Tits Rag America ear Sex Pistols Will This Is The Queen A Moron?

The Fucking Rotter Rar A Dead Horse Do You No Wrong Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle Satellite I'm A Lazy Sod No Lip pistols Live At The 76 Club Dolls Pistols York I'm Not Your Kiss Stone sex PA Trouble This Mini Album No Feeling Party Till You Puke: Demos Seventeen Laza SOD Submission 2nd Version Lazy Sod Stepping Stone Anarchy In The Prison ikss Did You This Wrong Early Daze: EP Anarchy in the UK Did U No Wrong Silly Thing Rar Jones Vocal Wants To Be Me Underwater Secrets Bill Grundy Interview Search And Destroy Malcolm's Interview Nothing Written Satalite The Off Again Finsbury Pistols Kid Somethin' Else Revolution Live In Trondheim, Kill The Hippies: Live God Save the Queen

Dated but this is not necessarily the date of manufacture. This unusual pressing has incorrect Full Tilt labels with bogus band - Serious Endeavour - and track list. However it does play Gun Control. Two different labels pressed. Live, San Francisco 14th January European issue of Gun Control. Plain white blank sleeve. Releases bear the name "Blank Tapes" or "Pistols Blank Tapes" those with small sticker on top right - see picture.

Some copies with Gun Control insert either black on white, or black on blue paper. Some labels printed with the name of the band and some without pictured below. The bootleg has also appeared under the titles ' Live In America ' and ' Chelsea Bath ' pictured right with different wrap around sleeves. English bootleg. Some copies approx. The source is the official video tape. Single F1 Notes. Released December Numbered press of , pressed on red marble vinyl plus one sided 7" of No Fun pressed on green marbled vinyl.

Copies are stickered and sealed with a variety of different colour inserts produced, including red and green. Insert shrink wrapped onto cardboard which has Welcome To London stamped onto it. F1 etched in run out grooves.

Good sound quality. Released April Numbered press of Green marbled coloured vinyl. Copies are stickered and sealed with f our different colour cover inserts, including yellow pictured and blue. Numbered press of in coloured vinyl with cover insert. Double vinyl LP. Although this concert has been bootlegged countless times over the years, this release is arguably the best of the lot. Regular S. The speed is a little bit pitched. Surfaced in October Released Some with picture sleeve, most without.

Three different colour labels: red, blue, and green. For further details, labels and sleeves, click here. Limited edition of No record company listed on the sleeve or record, and nothing on the run out groove. Side 2 has a Black Anarchy sign on a white background. Surfaced June in Sweden.

One-sided cover insert. German bootleg. Limited edition: numbered copies. Side One: blue label, Side Two: red label. LP comes with two postcards.

Only four copies believed to have been pressed. Surfaced June in Greece. Bodies Side Two. No Feelings. Surfaced Nov God Save The Queen. Surfaced Another later? Tokyo, Japan, Wraparound one-sided sleeve. On rear wraparound the date is misprinted as Click here for special feature on this very nice looking release.

Plastic sleeve with insert. Date is misprinted as Dead Drunk In Japan! Surfaced September in Greece. Ltd edition copies. Black, purple, blue, blue marble, yellow, and orange vinyl pressings are known to exist.

First pressing black vinyl. Colours followed. Gold vinyl copies Jan Double album featuring the full show. Track list insert. A further limited edition of 55 pressed in coloured vinyl and are housed in a "Art Box Set". Coloured vinyl, poster, track list insert. Surfaced January Fan Club Issue Box Sets.

Sexfan Contents of each EP listed below. In March 4 different boxsets, limited to 25 each surfaced. Each contained the full set of Fan Club EPs complete with inserts etc. One: White fronted box - all discs white vinyl. Three: Pink fronted box - discs on red and pink vinyls.

Four: Blue fronted box - discs on blue and yellow vinyls. Fan Club Issue 1. Available in black, white, clear, blue, and red vinyl. Coloured vinyls limited to 50 each. Fan Club Issue 2. Available in black, clear, white, yellow and pink vinyl. Coloured vinyls limited to each. Fan Club Issue 3. Fan Club Issue 4. Fan Club Issue 5. Fan Club Issue 6. Maasbree, Holland, 11th December 77 Side Two.

Surfaced Janaury Sleeve incorrectly lists no Fun as 28th September. Fan Club Issue 7. Available in black vinyl and a limited pressing of approximately 50 white vinyl. The other 3 studio tracks are Sham 69 tracks. For review and further details click here. Live on the Boat film: Anarchy in the U. Song from Joy Division film Control: Problems - live. Surfaced July Limited edition coloured vinyl numbered copies; red, white, purple, pink and blue of each.

Plus 10 white label testing pressings. The recordings on side one are taken directly from the available film footage. Never Mind The Demos added to guide August Demos taken from 35thh Anniversary Universal Music boxset. The cover is a wrap-around affair, not a proper sleeve.

EU LP. Incorrect running order. Taken from semi-official CD of the same name, released in Each record features different collage on label. American pressing made by Ruthless Rhymes Lid. Numerous label versions for each record more than 30 identified. Box set contains 2 LPs titled Winterland and Rodeo. It has has a fold-around cover like the one on "Sex Pistols File", the 4 LP set that folds around the black box.

The inner sleeves are stamped and P"; the complete show CD; copy of gig flyer; copy of gig ticket. Comes in colour picture box set with insert. Hand numbered total of Compiled by Phil Singleton. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission. Errors and omissions that may have occurred will make it obvious if an attempt is made to copy the above piece of work, for example, by publishing or part publishing elsewhere and claiming authorship.

Don't even think about ripping it off. You have been warned. Although every attempt has been made to ensure the following listings are as accurate as possible, errors may have occurred. We do not trade in bootlegs or anything else for that matter. Bootleg CD or vinyl pictured here is hereby merely documented. Bootlegs are illegal. Pressing and selling them is illegal. God Save the Sex Pistols.

New York. Understanding Notes. Fake TMOQ labels. Listen to the fight during Pretty Vacant. Originally released in plain white sleeve. Later, or ? These two covers surfaced shortly after the bootleg itself. A picture of the LP cover appears in the book 'Satellite', and is listed as an acetate.

Unlikely to have been released. The concert does exist in full on tape. However, 'Flowers Of Romance' is included, although not listed. The original track listing included I Wanna Be Me as the final song, but failed to list Problems , although it was included.

A Japanese pressing with blue cover, put both tracks on the back cover listing. No pressings list 'Flowers Of Romance'. Identical content to Club Sex Pistols Party , but with better sound quality.

Tracks as per ' Spunk '. No Future UK? Issued in 3 different coloured sleeves. Also pressed as ' Spunk 2 ' and ' Son Of Spunk '.

Some copies of No Future UK? K alternate take Side Two. White cover with yellow insert, blue labels. The cover lists 15 tracks, same as No Future UK? However it conatins the same 12 tracks as Spunk. White cover with insert, black and white labels. Tracks listed in the wrong order on the back cover. Seventeen listed twice, but only appears once. I Wanna Be Me is not listed, but is on the record. Third Pressing: Dragonfly Records label. Fourth Pressing: Slipped Disc Records label. Picture Labels.

Plain Cream labels. Totally new insert made. No Fun Notes. Blank picture disc - no record Notes. I Wanna Be Me Notes. Did You No Wrong Notes. Double LP. LP comes with replica of original gig poster. Pressed yellow, clear and pink. Double album. Sleeve incorrectly states 3rd September Labels state 'Revolt In Paris'.

Sides play the gig. Side 4 plays Dave Goodman demos - all previously released. Includes yellow insert with quick resume by Caroline Coon regarding the opening night after Chalet Du Lac re-vamp.

Taken from recording posted on the internet September Similar in manufacture to "Cambridge Rapist" Acid Speed 5 but with different title. Front photocopy is larger size than "Cambridge Rapist". Wrap around sleeve available in green or yellow. Sleeve says 'Dedicated to Pauline' of 'Bodies' fame. Includes insert with memories of the gig. B-side side label has 'Not' stamped by hand above 'Side One' - two examples shown below.

Poor quality recording - John's vocals low in the mix. Pink vinyl. Lathe cut same as other Friends Of Vicious pressings. K Notes. Side Two:?

Ltd edition of 5 copies. EMI Notes. The cassette itself is available in at least two different colours; i pink both sides, ii one yellow side and one pink side. New York Notes. Surfaced ? White vinyl.

Pretty Vacant Notes. Part One Side Two. Part Two Notes. Surfaced early Square clear vinyl 7". No Sleeve. Matrix numbers etched into the edge of the square, not the run-out grooves. No label or matrices.

Recording of the gig used for the LP surfaced late January, early February For a more detailed look at Test Pressing click here. For a more detailed look at Standard Pressing click here. Seventeen Notes. Claimed to be USA pressing, but more likely European. Cover is glossy one-sided. Plus additional insert. Test pressing has 2 x brown semi-stiff outers with 2 further plain white inners.

White labels. Upgrade on recording used on "Where Were You in 77? Rear of wrap around. Revolution In The Classroom Notes. Holidays In The Sun Notes.

Bodies Notes. Same matrix numbers also For a more detailed look at this release click here. Clear vinyl Ltd to 30 copies. Different coloured inserts, plus 7" cut-out sleeve. Soundcheck, San Francisco 14th January Winterland Goodbye!!!

Winterland, with three tracks from the gig itself. Winterland Soundcheck 14th January no record company stated Notes. Pressed in pink, blue, yellow or purple vinyl copies each. Plus black vinyl. White Label Test Press of 10 copies.

Same picture both sides. No Feelings Notes. Surfaced summer Taken from soundboard quality recording available in trading circles. Surfaced 19th October Regular issue of 'Japan Edition'.

UK pressing. Silver vinyl ltd edition. God Save The Queen Notes. Snot green vinyl. Taken from recording available in trading circles. Surfaced 6th September Snot green vinyl ltd edition. Surfaced 4th January Snot green vinyl ltd edition LP plus turntable mat in die-cut sleeve pictured.

PA Trouble The Mini Album No Feeling Party Till You Puke: Demos Seventeen Laza SOD Submission 2nd Version Lazy Sod Stepping Stone Anarchy In The Prison Did You No Wrong Early Daze: EP Anarchy in the UK Did U No Wrong Silly Thing Steve Jones Vocal Wants To Be Me Underwater Secrets Bill Grundy Interview Search And Destroy Malcolm's Interview Nothing Written Satalite The Off Again Finsbury Park Kid Somethin' Else Revolution Live In Trondheim, Kill The Hippies: Live God Save the Queen Holidays in the Sun Anarchy in the U.

Feelings Just Me Nookie No Future Lots Of Fun Who Was It? Filthy Lucre Live Buddies Problems Spedding Demo Holidays In The Sun Live Swindle Promo Sid Vicious Interview TV Documentary Leeds Polt Interview Grundy Interview Sub Mission Pretty Vacant Live Seventeen I'm A Lazy Sod Pretty Vacant Alternate Version No Future UK?

Who Killed Bambi? The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle No One is Innocent God Save The Queen Single Box Set Pretty Vacant 1 Majestic Studios Demo Session. No Feeling Bonus B-Side No Fun Unedited Wessex Studios Rehearsal Session October Don't Give Me No Lip Through My Eyes Manchester Square Session December Nofeelings Instrumental Gooseberry Studios January Live At London, Nashville Rooms Understanding Flowers Of Romance 1 Live At Birmingham, Barbarellas Live At Dallas, Longhorn Ballroom Belsen Was A Gas Raw And Live I Wanna Be Your Dog Chatterbox Tight Pants My Way Alt Version Spunk,