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Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob (Video ) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in​, Featured in, Spoofed and more. Sex Trek III - The Wrath of Bob _ 0 MB. Sex Trek III - The Wrath of Bob.​ 1 MB. Sex Trek III - The Wrath of MB. Sex. Adult DVD Marketplace offers Sex Trek III: The Wrath Of Bob DVD Movie by Moonlight Starring: Alicia Rio, Dominique Simone, Fantasia, Joey Silvera, Mike.

Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob concludes the trilogy with the unexpected return of Bob, mutated by his burial in the fertile soil of Uranus and transformed into a. Sex Trek 3 (). Also Known As: Sex Trek 3: The Wrath Of Bob. Minutes. Directors. Scotty Fox. Distributor. Moonlight Entertainment. All-Girl. No. All-Male. The Classic Porn: Sex Trek 3. The Wrath of Bob. Sex Trek 3. The Wrath of Bob. Members only. Singup and Watch Full Video. Replay trailer.

Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob (Video ) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in​, Featured in, Spoofed and more. Sex Trek III the Wrath of Bob. Interactive Menus Photo Gallery Dolby Surround Sound digitally mastered. Product DescriptionIn the greatest. About Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob. Flagged as: Adult. Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob is an adult film that was released in Shop now.

Bob title appears to be out of print or unavailable. You're welcome to search the following trek. Hot Movies. Feature Parody 90's Porn Video. Email Address recommended. Sex Trek bob - The Wrath of Sez. Alicia Rio. Brooke Ashley. Dominique Simone. Joey Silvera. Mike Horner. Randy Spears. Randy West. Shayla LaVeaux. Scene Breakdown.

Alicia Rio Sex LaVeaux 4. Dominique Simone Randy West 5. Brooke Ashley Mike Horner. Sex Trek Series. Sex Trek the - Deep Space The. Sex Trek 4 - The Next Kf. Sex Sex 2 - The Search for Sperm. Sex Trek 1 - The Next Penetration. Related Videos. Edward Penishands 2. Reel Xex 1 - High Noon. Where to Watch:. Please be as concise as possible and if trek able, please include a reference so we can check bob the problem.

We welcome all sex no matter the size. Wrath of things we're looking for: You have the wrong birthday listed sex sexxshe was born on birthdate You don't have the year for Sex Trek 3 trek The Wrath of Bob listed, it was produced in year You have the wrong actor listed in Sex Trek wrath - The Wrath of Bobyou list trek when it should be actor2 Qrath I click on wrathit takes me to the wrong movie being sold Examples obb things we're not looking for: You are missing a lot of actor 's the.

Here are 10 you don't have. Please bob not send inquiries on where to purchase a movie. If there is no link, the movie is unavailable, and in all likelihood, the out of print. Alicia Rio Shayla LaVeaux. Dominique Simone Randy West.

These are the sexual acts that Ziplow deems essential to a hard-core feature circa ; in neither nor do filmmakers stray from this pornographic make-up.

Ziplow adamantly states that narrative should exist; specifically, it should occupy approximately 40 percent of the screen time, and serve as a set-up for the sexual numbers represented in the remaining 60 percent.

As both the Sex Trek and the This Ain't Star Trek series adhere to these rules, the two-decade difference in release date between the trilogies doesn't exclude them from comparison.

From the very first shot of Sex Trek , it becomes apparent that this isn't a high-budget production. Star Ship Intercourse, represented by a golden "back massager" on a string, can be observed being maneuvered around by a hand the filmmakers didn't deem necessary to exclude from the shot.

A narrator gleefully explains the Intercourse's mission to Uranus, before the film cuts to the ships control room, fittingly portrayed by an array of blinking lights. About to beam down to Uranus, the crew inexplicably changes out of their hot-glued costume-approximations into shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

When we do finally see the planet Uranus, it's disappointingly portrayed as a uniformly black room; a "dark crevice". As neither the sets nor the costumes seem to be based on any part of the vast and expansive Star Trek mythos, we can only turn to the dialogue and characterization to find any practical similarities with ST: TOS.

Sadly, one would be hard-pressed to find any dialogue catering or even pandering to Star Trek fans. Favoring puns and sexual innuendo over expositional dialogue, the closest the film comes to authenticity is in the stilted line delivery of actor Randy Spears portraying Captain Jim Quirk.

Uhura, famously portrayed by Nichelle Nichols in ST: TOS , is rightfully remembered as one of the great female characters of entertainment history and, most importantly, an equal aboard the Enterprise, regardless of her race. In the Sex Trek series, not only is Uwhore portrayed by a Caucasian actress, matters are made worse by the vulgar way she speaks: in an exaggerated "ghetto" vernacular. As neither the sets nor the films' dialogue, art direction, and themes seem to improve in the next two installments of the Sex Trek series, it becomes painfully clear that this series of films may not have been produced as a labor of love.

The filmmakers' apparent willingness to create a film of such disputable quality, in the hope that Star Trek fans will buy anything bearing the series' name, is insulting, and can be considered as a mockery of Star Trek fans' tastes and sensibilities.

Director Axel Braun is known for his painstaking attention to detail, and his doesn't disappoint in this trilogy. From the era-authentic costumes, to an impressively recreated Enterprise control room, a passing fan could be forgiven for mistaking these pornographic parodies for the real thing. Perhaps even more inspired are the stories that make up the plot of these films.

Axel Braun goes to similar lengths to set up a scene of sexual intercourse elsewhere in the film. A female Vulcan, beamed aboard the ship with information regarding Khan, succumbs to pon farr: a part of the reproductive cycle of Vulcans that leaves them violently aroused until they mate. As in the Sex Trek series, a sexual encounter is reached, yet the way to get there is through story elements introduced in ST: TOS, rather than the will of the screenwriter.

This may rightfully be regarded as a sign of respect towards the parody's source material, and as indicative of advanced knowledge of Star Trek 's lore. Having taken control over the Enterprise, the elder Captain Kirk uses his communicator to contact Lieutenant Sulu. When Sulu announces warp factor 1 as the star ship's speed, Kirk expletively corrects him, commanding warp factor 6. To this command, Sulu responds with a mere two words: "Oh my…".

Having fostered an impressive online presence in recent years, Takei has used his fame to champion a variety of causes and charities, most pertaining to LGBTQ-issues. Pornographic parodies inspired by Star Trek occupy an interesting position within both pornography as a genre, and within fandom as a community fostered by both mass and individual involvement.

Despite their often poor reputations, not all Star Trek porn parodies are shamelessly offensive cash-grabs, eager to parasitically profit off of a popular intellectual property. Pornographic productions created with mindful attention to the television series, and the fandom it's inspired, may very well be considered as transformative works of fan art, deserving as much respect as went into making it.

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The vocals on Fontaines D. Indeed, Fontaines D. All rights reserved. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. McJoy said, "He's dead, Jim," and Bob was buried in the Director: Scotty Fox. Writer: Marc Cushman as Cash Markman.

Added to Watchlist. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Dominique Simone Uwhore as Domonique Simone Randy Spears Jim Quirk Alicia Rio Alien Girl Mike Horner Leca the Alien as Fantasia Randy West Language: English. Runtime: 77 min.

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