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Sex Mod for The Sims 4 by TURBODRIVER Different game mods might affect that mechanic and incorrectly alter Sims gender preference. WickedWhims offers you few commands to alter Sims Gender Preference although it is not used in. The Sims 4 is host to many of the strangest mods of the franchise. Chief among them is the If Sim sex is your thing, this is the mod for you. 3, 1, Click the new menu Set Gender Preference, and a new menu with 4 . various successful romantic interactions with a sim of opposite sex.

Normally, 'woohooing' in The Sims 4 is pretty tame that is, unless you download some of the latest mods. (NSFW WARNING.) Released a. Sex Mod for The Sims 4 by TURBODRIVER Different game mods might affect that mechanic and incorrectly alter Sims gender preference. WickedWhims offers you few commands to alter Sims Gender Preference although it is not used in. With this post, we'll go over all the best woohoo mods, sex mods, sexy mods, nude mods, and adult mods in The Sims 4. These are the best of.

Click the new menu Set Gender Preference, and a new menu with 4 . various successful romantic interactions with a sim of opposite sex. Sex Mod for The Sims 4 by TURBODRIVER Different game mods might affect that mechanic and incorrectly alter Sims gender preference. WickedWhims offers you few commands to alter Sims Gender Preference although it is not used in. With this post, we'll go over all the best woohoo mods, sex mods, sexy mods, nude mods, and adult mods in The Sims 4. These are the best of.

Sims version sims. Some Players still have trouble installing a mod, so, after so many troubles, I thought I just post an image on how it should look like after correctly installed. JPG Had some reports saying the Mod had stopped working, please check if you re-enabled Custom content and Scripting Mods in you game options after any patch update. The Mod is still working until today. Unbroken by the latest patch version 1.

This is a new interaction to set gender preference on any sim including your active sim. If sims Female, all and any preference the sim had for Male will be removed. When setting or changing the percentage for a certain gender sexuality not change the opposite gender percentage. Then chose que desired gender preference. Additional Credits: S4pe team for this great tool The Sims 4 Data tool Scumbumbo for his tutorial and so much more Deaderpool for sims a genius Aidan for his her py decompiler scripthoge for his injector So many more people I Admire.

I'm not sure what this mod mod does? Does it mean you can only flirt with that gender, or that your sim will only autonomously flirt with that gender, or something else? Yay, been looking for something like this for ages - many thanks!! You'r very mod Have fun :. No to the first question. You can still try to flirt, only will be more difficult to succeed. As far as autonomy goes, then yes.

It's like if you have a banana and an orange, and you like banana the most, then you will not certainly eat the orange. And as far as Sims or people, if I prefer sims and a male comes to me, I will certainly make him go away.

A little explanation: When we start a game sims have no gender preference defined Likes neither genderIf mod start romantic interaction with a certain sexuality, the sim will develop a "taste" a preference for that gender, going negative on the opposite gender. What this mod mod let you do is set and change or reverse or remove all kind of gender preference. If my sim is being flirted by other sim and I want them to stop, then just remove both preference or even make it so they will be opposite.

Hope It's clear, sexuality like in real life :. Thank you! As someone who likes messing around with relationships and creating drama, this mod was a no-brainer. Can a sim succeed in flirting with a sim who does not prefer their gender? Things gonna be awkward until gender preference changes, most romantic interactions will have penalties if the gender preference doesn't mach.

Most probably and if they are good friend will be easier but not that easy. Gender preference is a good way to make things easier mod harder on romantic interactions.

Will this mod conflict with Scumbumbo's gender preference sims His is a pyo file and yours is a mod. Can i use both? They sort of do the same thing but have slightly different functions.

Scumbumbo's mod lets you adjust the percentage rate. Thank you very much for this mod. Just a question preference none means asexual or a reboot of the preference.

I think asexual means neither male or female. And hopefully using that setting reboots their preference and gives them a clean slate. For the record, i did take out scumbumbos mod and used this one to reset a preference. Then i closed the game and rebooted but added scumbumbos mod with this one. I used the console command genderpref. A little history on this particular sim might give a little insight. This male sim preference was males when i downloaded him from the gallery.

Mod i changed his preference to female only because that's what i needed him for. However, even though his preference was changed to female, i sexuality he gravitated to males still. So i mod this mod to hopefully reboot his preference. After i did that, he went mod a club and went right to sexuality up the females. I sims know if that was just on that particular occasion or if he was really changed. If it's not an actual feature sexuality this mod to actually change the sim and not just a surface change, it would be good if a mod could do that.

Anyway, i really appreciate this mod. I'll sexuality both creators mods as long as the game doesn't get buggy. I'm not sure if both mods change the same file. Yes you can use both, there won't be any conflicts.

The percentage rates don't do much. I can actually implement rates for each gender in the future, all with menus and no need to enter any text in the console. If any value if for same sex he is a bisexual.

Until then he sill hasn't got a defined gender preference. That's the reason I went extreme and made it full rate on all four possible directions. Hope it was clear :. We may call it a fresh start. They don't like either sex. Both mods change the same thing but they will never conflict. It's not just a surface sexuality, It's a brain and hormonal wash. Edit: Sims to say this: In the sims code gender preference tests are set to pass if no gender preference is set, as long as it's Heterosexual.

It works, but it doesn't have any text other than I only have English support at the moment. Gonna try to populate all languages in English and then make translations. Thanks for your report :up:. Updated with text to show on any language and a better Script, please redownload Thanks for the report Tinen. Let me know if it solved. Lol And thanks sexuality the feedback, it is helpful.

Hope Sims clear, just like in real life : Thank you for the reply! Sims understand now. Well, I downloaded it and for some reason, it won't work in the game. Help, please! Did you Unrar? That's why I did it ; Have fun! I must have done something wrong. I tried to extract all the files and put them in a the mod folder actually it's a sub-sub-folderthen i tried to put only the. The menu doesn't show up. Sorry for the noob moment but could you please recap how to install it??? Put both files.

Let me know if it worked Sims You are right it couldn't work. It seams the last time I made changes, I did an error sexuality the script. So will re upload directly from my personal mod folder, sexuality sure it will work again.

So sorry for the inconvenience. Please Download in a few minutes. Thanks for mod report. Sometimes, modding when your're tired can lead to foolish errors like the one I did. Sorry again. Try deleting your cache files, and make sure scripts are mod in game config other. Is there a way you might be able to access the gender preference sexuality from the relationship panel? That be very convenient for me. Sadly it's still not working for me : Caches are clear, scripts mod and both new files put in the right folder I tried with another household and even with a new game and yet, the option just doesn't show up on the menu.

I'm gonna check if there is some kind of conflict with another mod and come back to report. And please do not apologize. I bet moding is a tough thing and i'm absolutely sure all of you do your best!

The Sims 4 is host to many of the strangest mods of the franchise. Not all of the mods out there are inappropriate, though. If you enjoy The Sims franchise and aren't playing with mods, read through this list of weird and funny The Sims mods and make your gaming experience even better.

There are quite a few risque mods out there for The Sims 4 , by far the most prolific of which is WickedWoohoo. If Sim sex is your thing, this is the mod for you. There are more than a few mods allowing you to see Sims naked, if you're into that sort of thing which, let's be honest, you probably are. The exhibitionism mod in The Sims 4 is part of the notorious WickedWoohoo mod.

The mod allows characters to perform exhibitionist acts such as flashing others and doing it in public. If you've ever been bored by the traditional ways people murder characters, this mod is ideal for you. It turns the innocent act of pranking via hand buzzer into murder. Hopefully anyone else struggling with figuring out the TS4script placement can see this comment in the future.

Great to know it working now : Thank you for your report :deal:. Thanks this is wonderful! But i'm kinda sad that it doesn't work with female clothing mods and vice versa. Like i've made a male sim but having feminine clothing preferences and it only does it for the EA female clothing and not the mods i've downloaded. But i shouldn't complain too much as it's exactly what i've been looking for. So sorry, can you tell me or give me one piece of cc where it doesn't work so I can investigate please?

Maybe the CC outfit is not correctly flagged or may something else. I've never used the new feature, so my sims are normal male or female. Thanks and please report to see what can I do :. Thanks, great mod! I have one question though: when I click on a sim it pops up right away and with the MC command center AND the gender preference button there is no "room" for the romantic interactions button so first I have to click "more choices" and THEN romantic.

I know how this sounds but this has become really annoying. Is there a way to "switch" the two? Yeah I can lower the priority of my pie-menu. Do you have any other custom interaction other than MC cc and Gender preference?

On my game I have MCcc Gender preference and Show sim Info and those come after the main ones, so the normal categories come in front, then on the 2nd comes Gender preference. There is a setting in game settings that lets you choose Traditional Menu system or Contextual, try to change between the two and see the differences.

Other than that, I can only really just re-write my pie-menu so it only shows after everything else. Or make it a cheat that only shows if we press Shift. Or make it a cheat that only shows if we press Shift Weird.

I went back to the game today and now it shows up perfectly. I don't know what changed since yesterday. Anyway, thanks again! Good : I had that happen to me too, some game glitches sometimes ;. As a lesbian, this is freaking awesome! Great : It is especially useful for same sex and to stop or facilitate Hetero couples.

I just discovered this doesn't stop the wrong sex Lovebirds relationships happening. I hoped it would help. I have a married couple. Two males married that I made in CAS. My first time rotating away and back to their household and I found one of the husbands had 5 yes, 5!

Neither had been romantic with anyone but the other. Only the one husband was affected though. And I set both of them to gender preference being only male. I'm so sick of these ridiculous Lovebird relationships I could scream. It's worse when they are not of the right sex. I'm just going to keep deleting those random relationships, but now I'm guessing this mod is more useful for who they would flirt with while I'm playing them rather than away?

And I have autonomous flirting turned off with Master Control Command Center, plus I don't play with autonomy on anyway. Just doing what I can to stop the nonsense to the best of my ability. I have no idea what EA was thinking with these random Lovebirds. Very frustrated right now. This is the first time this has happened with one of my families being the wrong sex and I'm fighting the urge to throw in the towel yet again.

Hi aparkison , I explained this mechanism used by game's story progression in MC command center thread. It is based on relationships you don't have and Sims you haven't met.

It doesn't care about gender preference, so setting one will not avoid that situation. Setting a gender preference is useful for facilitate or make it hard for sims to romantically interact. We can stop autonomous romance completely using the wrong preference for the right gender.

I have the means to completely stop the game from setting relationships for good, i just never released it.

But I think I may have to, because so many players dislike this game feature. I explained this mechanism used by game's story progression in MC command center thread. I just sent you a reply via PM. As stated before, This is not a mod, it is an additional function to the game, so, most probably will never be broken because all the code is original.

It Does This is not working since the July Update. It's working for me. Wasn't working for me either, even after reinstalling the mod.

Turns out 'The Sims 4 Mod Manager' wasn't installing the. Thanks for the report. Very much appreciated :. Would you add a key for asexual for representation for them? Technically an asexual being is a person who doesn't derive any pleasure from sexual activity, so every sim is asexual ; Now If you mean remove sexual preference all together, then choose NONE and it will be set to neither sex is attractive. Maybe you could try to explain a little better, so I can see if it can be done.

Sins the script is loaded by the game framework itself so, it should work regardless what OS you have. I don't quite understand what you mean by adding a Key. Oh I mean normally a sim would get happy moodlet from good woohoo and embarrassed or uncomfortable moodlet from bad woohoo. The NONE button is more like a sim doesn't like to have romantic interactions with the other sim. As I remember, there're two type of asexual people in real life. One type doesn't want both sexual interactions and romantic interactions.

One type would like to have romantic interactions but doesn't want to have sex. I think it's called platonic? So I would like to ask for a button to make the sim never have moodlet from woohoo or never have woohoo option. I know it's complicated. I understand now!

That would have to be another mod that would override all woohoo interactions, and I don't think all players would like that. Plus it would be very prone to break after every game update. Modlets are applied based on mood, relationship score, etc Gender preference is something to control autonomous and user directed romantic interactions and their outcome, both user directed and most important the autonomous ones.

Hi, does this prevent random romance interactions if I set the gender preference to "none"? For story building purposes, some of my characters do not take romance advances from anyone. I have been using the "none" gender preference option for awhile, but it doesn't seem to work when the sim becomes NPC controlled after which they seem to take romance advances as normal. Would I need to add a disable romance interaction mod to completely stop this? Setting to none will help to prevent autonomous and user directed romantic interactions.

NPC's are just the same as active sims as far as gender preference goes. Maybe you see that pick "romance" bar, because there is a routine in the core game that adds random relationships to inactive sims. I have an unpublished mod to stop that, I may have to upload it. If you have Mc command center you can easily remove any kind of relationship between sims.

I have this installed, it shows on my in-game mod list, but the sims don't have any interaction to set gender preference. Make sure you unpack the rar file and that you put it no more than 1 sub-folder under mods main folder. Read the description and see the picture showing how it should look, please ignore the other mods in the picture. Let me know if it solved the problem. That worked, thanks.

I thought that the Resource. I'm glad it worked : Package files can be several folders deep, but script files con only be 2 folders down at the most. I never tried but I can make a modified resources config, that points scripts to deeper than 1 pr 2 sub-folders down only for study purposes Thanks you :.

Whats the default preferance for everyone though? After you start to manually change gender preference of the population, the game will start to adjust the preference of these sims Mailman are usually Bi or Both genders.

Other sims with public roles can be Gay by default, It all depends on general population gender preference. This mod doesn't change the defaults, it let's you choose the gender preference of any sim at any time.

Hope it's clear :. I have come up an idea and I'm not a capable modder to do the project. I can only do CAS cc and a few traits cc I want to make a dissociative identity disorder mod, which a sim can have an option to choose two-three sets of different names, traits and relationships. The sim may switch their identity automatically as time goes by. Would you consider making this mod? PM me? I'm interested! I love this mod though and would very much like to see it updated.

I hope this mod will be updated. Read comments that this mod is not working after Dec patches. And, thanks very much for the mod. By the way, this mod is highly unlikely to be broken by game updates.

There was one patch that momentarily broke it, but was EA-Maxis fault not mine. They corrected it a few days later. With this I mean the mod is still working as intended except for toddlers but it's something I consider to not be an issue as until they reach Teen age they have no romantic interactions. In fact there was one patch they made an error in the python code that broke many things, good thing is they corrected it a few days later : Thanks for your report and for your thank's :.

A big thank you for this mod! I translated it in french I know it's easy to understand, but I like everything in my game to be in the same language. I attached the file in this post, maybe you can include it so that french users can get it too? Also you talked in an earlier post about making this mod a cheat that only shows if you press Shift. I would be interested in this possibility, is it difficult to do? I didn't find what you need to change in order to achieve that.

If it's complicated don't bother as I can simply take the mod out from my mod folder when I don't need it. This is the italian translation, the correct file. I apologize for my mistake. Does this mod lets us control the gender preference of the entire population, i.

Yes you can click any sim anytime and define their preference. Yes it is, and with 1. Also works fine with 1. I defined male on my sims but it can still dredge other girls, is it normal? Do you have any mod that changes romantic interaction? Not normal if you don't. Did you Unpacked the. Package and ONE. It will not change unless you change it later :. This mod is great! This makes it so much more fun, Thank you so much!

As soon as I have cats and dogs ; It will finally be updated to support pets as well Just to let you Know that this one wasn't broken by the latest updates and it's good for pets as well. I just got a LastException that mentions this mod.

Thanks for reporting and for the the last exception file. As far as I can see, there was a problem in the interaction cue triggered by an animation state machine "ASM" , that caused the interactions to build in excess of the regular maximum of 6 interactions cue.

I bet WW was in use at the time. My mod has nothing related to animations, and MCcommandcenter was also in the file that could mean maybe you have to set the same fashion settings in both Mc and WW.

My mod was just caught in the middle of a fight between the two. I know WW and MC still have bugs, I use them both here and use mine as well and have not seen exceptions like yours.

I don't use Height sliders which could lead to errors during animations like the file mentions. If the errors persist, please let me know so we can try to track down what the problem is. Best regards, :. I'll pop on Discord and try to see what's happening. Report if you can, after removing simulationlagfix please. Thanks for reporting. Does this affect Sims whims at all? I've installed this, but interestingly enough my heterosexuals still have whims where they wish to flirt with the same sex!

It made me wonder if this was indicating the mod wasn't working, or it is just not part of the features. Hi No One The Mod is working as it should. That whim is when you make a new friend and you are close to him, it has a chance to come up. Most romantic whims do not test for gender preference, only interactions do. Does this affect the sex in Wicked Whims? So that gay Sims will only have autonomous gay sex? Yes, if you have set the sims to be gay and WW is set to check on gender preference, they will only accept the gender they like.

Cool, thanks! Can you please make it available to set and lock the sexuality of the sims, eg. The current way the mod is set up I cannot tell and I constantly have to be setting gender preferences for my sims.

Or can you turn gender preferences into traits instead of this additional menu please. Hi emile20 What makes gender preference change it's not time, are romantic interactions with another sim. So for example : If you set a Male Sim as hetero Preference-Female and then you romantically interact with another male, they both slowly turn bisexual and if you continue they will become homosexual.

It's the game mechanics, not my mod doing that. What the mod does is correcting "at your will" at any time, what gender preference a sim has. Using a trait that locks a certain gender preference is a good idea, and it crossed my mind a while ago. I may had that in a real future, but I have to test it before releasing.

Thanks for your feedback : This mod hasn't been updated since it's initial release because it never got broken :D. I don't think I've given you a "Thanks" post yet despite using this mod for as long as it's been around. So it felt overdue. A more direct way of changing sexual preference seems like such an easy thing for EA to implement especially with the gender features being a thing but they just don't?

It makes me really grateful for mods like this and modders like you. I have a little question, by the way. MCCC loves throwing up errors for this and simlagfix. If I take this or that out, the errors go away. Problem is, I view both of these mods as absolutely essential. Any idea why that would happen? It's a weird combination of mods to conflict with each other. Found this while trying to narrow down an unrelated issue. A few other people had the misfortune to run into some last exceptions where this and other mods that use a python injector are referenced, however, I wish to assure you that there is nothing wrong with this one.

Most likely it's a schedule within the internal game autonomy that crashes with more complex things such as Wickedwhims, Lagfix, Command Center deep altering scripts. As stated at the date of launch, this mod will most probably never be broken by game updates or cause any error or conflict with other mods.

Thanks again. I have seen it myself on my game. However it is not caused by this mod. Like you can see in the post bellow this one, a deeper explanation. It's just a crash in the internal autonomy and complex python scripting mods such as Lagfix "this one can break the game completely" I don't use it now but I did in the past, but it causes more harm than good, and so I removed it.

Other deep scripting mods such as WW and Mccc could cause issues with autonomy and crash with each other if the settings are not set in the same fashion on both. This mod is "as stated from the beginning" almost unbreakable and impossible to cause errors or conflicts. If you want to add your LastException, I can explain more exactly what happened. I used to use Lagfix mod but it was not working like before, even the new version of it.

Thanks for confirming what I have previously though. I myself had the exact same result after removing SimulationLagFix. Not that I ever had any lag on my game. I deliberately placed that mod just to experience the mentioned errors. So great news then : As a side note: I use gender preference all the time for all sims I come across during my gameplay, so after some time all sims in my game have the proper gender preference. Thanks again :.

Hello, I really like the idea of your mod, I downloaded it, installed it like I don't know why, you said it doesn't conflict with any other mod? I really want it to work!

Could you give more details? If you have something like MC-Command center woohoo, WW, Have some personality please, or any similar mod set to always accept or ignore relationships or mood, then gender preference or any other test for romance will be ignored It does not mean this mod is not working The mod is still working as designed from day one.

You can check that by changing a Sim's gender preference and use Show Sim Info mod to check it's gender preference. Thanks for your feedback ;. This mod was not showing up for me me until I did some testing and debugging. Make sure you put the two mod files in the mods folder no sub directories. After moving them to main Mods folder I had the option of selecting gender preference in the more options menu.

I've been looking for something that lets you set individual gender preference for awhile now. I'd kind of like to know if any one sim i'm looking at is already or one way or the other before I mess with their settings.

Thanks alot for what the mod does do right now. Well, I thought it was obvious that every file that has ". Guess I was wrong. Hi : Glad you figured how to place the mod on the file system.

Script mods can be placed up to one subfolder under the main Mods folder. There is also Scumbumbo's console commands that can retrieve a single sim or the full list of preferences for that save. I was planing amongst other things to add an interaction that would give you a notification with that info, but I got lazy and never actually did that.

I'll add it eventually along with the relationship panel option to change their preference there. This has been requested more than once. It's working with the 1. I also checked the percentages for all options male, female, both, none, and percentages for each with itasan2 and scumbumbo mods. All the results match. I have so much to say about this mod, but I'll just keep it simple. It's a blessing. I don't know how I managed to play without this..

Thank you so much! That's great to know : Thank you for the comment , really appreciated :. The way this works is very straight forward "simple and effective" Almost fail proof. Unless the game code change dramatically, it will probably never need to be updated!!!

This doesn't work at all for me Did you follow the basic mod install? Make sure you don't rename the files!!! Could you be more specific? As many times stated before, this mod is most likely indestructible never fail.

Does the interact with MCCC? Not directly. MCCC doesn't have control over gender preference yet. It doesn't conflict either with MCCC or any other mod even with a mod that changes gender preference. It will however influence the outcome of any romantic interaction in a natural way, but not the mod itself. Just like in real life. NOTE: There are limitations in game. This is a game feature, not a fault on the mod. Sadly, this mod is no longer working for me as of patch 1.

My sims are simply working around it or ignoring it completely. There were ever. The mod still works as intended. Maybe you could check if you have some mods that alter romance and woohoo. For example "have some personality" or any other of the kind. I recently gave a few explanations around the attraction system read a few posts up.

I have recompiled the script part of the mod to comply with the new python version the game is built on. I can't however test it myself yet, I haven't yet patched my game, but I hope everything will work as expected. If you have any issues, please leave me a note on the comments. I'm so excited to start playing around with it. Hi, thank you for the great mod everything works perfect except percentages..

I have the latest patch. I'll have a look. I usually only use the general settings, either male or female preference or both and none to reset, and these are working.

Maybe the way statistics are changed have changed with the last patch. Again I'll have to investigate that. Can I remove the mod after using them? I'd like to set the gender preference for Sims made by me and then remove it. The preference will remain the same, unless you preform romantic interactions with a sim of the wrong gender. Example : Male sim prefers males, but he fools around with a girl, his preference will slowly turn into bisexual, and ultimately straight.

Gender preference in the game is dynamic, that's why I made this long ago so I could change things the way I wanted. Does this still work with the recent game updates?

Thanks Yes it does. Main functions are as before Likes male, likes female, none or both , only the percentages are bugged for now. Next update will be corrected and relationship panel function added, plus a few extras. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, but by having this mod, it disables the shift-click function in the game. I'm sure it could some other setting on your mods, but not this one. Have you tried to remove all mods and keep this one?

Try and let me know the result. There's been changes in the cheats with recent patches, most were disabled by Maxis, Twisted Mexican has a mod to bring all the cheats back. I personally have it in my mods folder, along with McCommand Center and this mod and have no issues.

I read somewhere that due to a game bug, testing cheats will disable itself upon going to build mode or CAS and traveling to another lot. The solution is to reenter the cheat code "Testingcheats true". Hope it helps ;. As you may have noticed, this last patch has broken most custom menus.

It's a EA bug, so until they fix it, the mod has been updated and the menus should now have the text showing. If you have any issues, please leave me a note. I'm trying to download this mod again.