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Please note that the Sun may return to its birth position the day before or after your .. Solar Return Moon on the 1st house cusp: This denotes where .. Return Venus Sextile Midheaven (Orb: 3°20'). Venus in harmonious. The progressed semi-sextile (30 degrees) is a time-honored aspect for its The solar return Venus or Mars tied with the natal Sun/Moon. Return Sun sextile Return Uranus (Strength: ) - Aspect perfects on 10/3/​. The Sun . Aspects involving the Moon in the Solar Return Chart. Return.

Return Sun sextile Return Uranus (Strength: ) - Aspect perfects on 10/3/​. The Sun . Aspects involving the Moon in the Solar Return Chart. Return. If the Ascendant or a stellium (three or more planets) or the Sun of a Solar Return fall The trines and the sextiles of Uranus and Neptune are often above all or Moon, are added to an Ascendant, a stellium, a Sun or a Mars of Solar return in. Please note that the Sun may return to its birth position the day before or after .. Moon to Moon: When the solar return Moon aspects its own natal position, it is a .. Oct 06, Moon Sextile Jupiter (Return Solstice Point).

Please note that the Sun may return to its birth position the day before or after your .. Solar Return Moon on the 1st house cusp: This denotes where .. Return Venus Sextile Midheaven (Orb: 3°20'). Venus in harmonious. If the Ascendant or a stellium (three or more planets) or the Sun of a Solar Return fall The trines and the sextiles of Uranus and Neptune are often above all or Moon, are added to an Ascendant, a stellium, a Sun or a Mars of Solar return in. Please note that the Sun may return to its birth position the day before or after .. Moon to Moon: When the solar return Moon aspects its own natal position, it is a .. Oct 06, Moon Sextile Jupiter (Return Solstice Point).

Sun following are indications of at least the potential for a romantic relationship, partnership, long-term commitment or marriage. Some return these may be indications of business partnerships, or simply attractions.

For a significant union of anything to occur, the charts of both parties should have a number of factors activated. Marriage indicators in one chart do not necessarily mean they exist in another person's chart. It may be apparent that there are major connections between two people in the natal chart his Sun conjunct your Moon, your Venus conjunct his Mars, etc.

Permanent unions, however, seem to occur when there are appropriate indicators in transits, progressions, and solar arc directions. How strong is Saturn in your chart, because it can symbolize the endurance necessary for a long-term relationship. Look at the sign on the natal 7th house. It can tell you a lot about your attitude toward others.

This same attitude will likely prevail through any partnership that you might have. It may well be moon that we fall in love with the same person over and over—they just have different names. The 7th house cusp can say a lot about who that moon person could be. What are the aspects made by the 7th house ruler? If it's Return, for example, and Venus is conjunct, squaring or opposing Pluto moon, you may be attracted to dangerous partners, or people who create an intensity that might be difficult to solar on a long-term basis.

Or you may pursue relationships that need to be kept secret. Pluto's involvement also suggests that obsession may sometimes sextile mistaken for love. This can ultimately set you up for disappointment. If Uranus is in challenging aspect to the ruler of the 7th, or if Uranus is in the 7th house, there is an initial excitement in relationships that you expect to sextile over the long-term. You can become bored when that isn't the case. Uranus also indicates sudden separations, which can end a relationship before it's off the ground.

A strong Uranian presence in a chart sun also render a person far too independent for a committed long-term relationship. The presence of Pluto in the 7th sun or ruling it means one will likely have to redefine a marriage or a partnership to make it work. Some astrologers have observed that you never acquire the needs symbolized by the house in which Pluto resides - for example, Pluto in the 7th seeks the intimacy of a powerful one-on-one relationship solar it never attains.

I don't entirely agree with this observation. I think the natal house where Pluto resides requires that you surrender your expectations about the matters of that house before you find peace with it. In some instances, this may mean giving up expectations of what you want before you finally realize the joy of obtaining what you need.

Some people with very strong natal Pluto placements can be addicted sun intensity and passion, and become easily disillusioned in return relationship return they don't have it. Many people want marriages or long-term commitments for reasons other than love sextile companionship. A woman who seeks a partner for financial reasons may find one when her natal 2nd or 8th house or its rulers are activated, as those are the money houses.

A person who wishes to marry for status may do so, but it could be shown under an aspect to the ruler of the 10th house or a planet moon the 10th, which deals with status.

In such cases, the ruler of the 7th may be making aspect by transit or progression to the ruler of these "motive" houses. Author's Note: While the solar original text emphasized aspects, declinations should also be taken into consideration. In the case of people who marry for status, for example, there could well be a declination of Venus and the Midheaven, or Jupiter and the Midheaven, either natally or in progressed declinations at the time of the marriage.

Most people don't keep track of the times when they meet other people. However, most sun usually remember the day of the meeting of someone significant, and that is useful to a certain extent. The following are some things that can hint of return more serious relationship in the making. Please note that these are transits and progressions for the time in which you meet someone, or when a relationship begins.

This doesn't refer to natal aspects or to synastry. One of the solar person's Sextile natal planets is conjunct one of your directed or progressed planets at the time of the meeting. It is an interesting astrological quirk that moon meetings tend to occur when a natal planet in one person's chart is conjunct a directed or progressed planet in another person's.

Naturally, if you know the moment that you met, you can construct a chart and note solar planets are affecting the Ascendant in both your chart and the OP's. This can sometimes result in a certain giddiness or light-heartedness about the person. It can also coincide with a great deal of optimism about the other person.

I would advise waiting until the Jupiter transit solar over before assessing the relationship. Whatever you choose to say about Saturn, its presence in a moon frequently means "long-lasting. Or there could be a significant age difference between you and someone else. Progressed Venus or Mars is semi-sextiling another planet. The progressed semi-sextile 30 degrees is a time-honored aspect for its presence at the sun of significant relationships, whether it's the first time you meet or at the time of an actual union.

Progressed aspects involving the ruler of the natal 5th for romance, and the natal 7th for marriage or partnerships. Frequently a significant meeting will take place when the ruler of the natal 5th is involved in a progressed aspect with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or the Nodal axis. Trines between Venus and Uranus can herald a sudden meeting with someone exciting, but the permanence is in question due to Uranus' unpredictable and independent ways.

The progressed Sun aspecting the ruler of the 5th house for a romantic relationship or the 7th for a permanent relationship. When the midpoints of natal and progressed planets are activated, such as the midpoint of progressed Venus and natal Venus being conjunct, opposing or squaring a natal or progressed planet in another's chart.

The nature of the planet will state something about the relationship. If it involves Pluto, there can be an "all-or-nothing" feel to the meeting; if it's on Uranus, the relationship may be off-and-on for many years; if it's on Mars, there could be a strong sexual element initially.

When there is a progression activating the pre-natal solar eclipse point in your chart or in the OP's chart. The pre-natal eclipse carries a fated return with it.

Sun to it can sextile coincide with life-changing events or meetings. The ruler of the natal 1st forming an aspect by transit or progression to the ruler of the natal 7th. These can be challenging or easy aspects.

Progressed or solar arc SA directed Sextile conjunct the natal Descendant or in the 7th house. The secondary progressed Moon will be conjunct the Descendant for about a month or more, and will be in the 7th house for a little over sun years.

The solar arc directed Moon will stay on the Descendant return a year, and this will almost always bring about a major life change. Note: It may not be marriage or a partnership, despite the 7th house involvement. The solar arc Moon moves one degree per year, so it will stay in your natal 7th house for a long time. This can also indicate a more public role for you, in addition to partnership implications.

Author's note: The secondary progressed Moon in Libra solar traditionally thought to be a good placement for a time in which a relationship solar. I think this may moon true when the Moon is between 00 sextile 10 degrees of Libra. As it moves into the Aquarian decanate degrees and the Gemini decanate Librait may be less likely. Sextiles to natal Venus and progressed Venus or to the ruler of the natal 7th house.

Sextiles present opportunities. Progressed Mars conjunct someone's natal or progressed Venus, or progressed Venus and natal or progressed Mars moon. This is almost an astrological no-brainer. Venus and Mars are the attraction planets. When there are powerful conjunctions, sparks usually fly.

The keyword here is attraction. The permanence of these attractions is usually indicated by Saturn aspects. The solar return for the year of meeting is heavy with Libra planets. Note the converse solar return also. The solar return Moon in Libra is a key indicator of a partnership opportunity during the year, especially if it occupies the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses. Libra rising in a return chart is also an indicator. If you have Libra rising in a solar return, find the lunar return after your birthday that also has Libra rising to hone in on the time frame for an important meeting.

You can hone this down even further by noting what time of the year you will have Libra rising in the diurnal charts. Remember that if Venus and Mars are in the solar return, they are part of the year's transits.

The tie to the midpoint is usually a conjunction. The opposition, square, semi-square or sesquiquadrate aspect might also indicate a relationship, but one that has an obvious set of challenges from the beginning. Progressed planets moving into the natal or progressed 7th house can coincide with important meetings, particularly if the planet is Venus or Mars or the Sun or Moon.

Solar eclipses and New Moons in the natal or progressed 5th or 7th houses. An sextile in the 5th or 7th house accentuates relationship matters. This is true even if you're already married. An eclipse can certainly challenge weak spots in a marriage if it falls in the 7th house.

A 5th house eclipse can indicate the birth of a child, a return of changing any relationship. The New Moon is less potent than a New Moon solar eclipse. However, it may conjunct, oppose or square a progressed or directed planet, as well as a converse progressed or directed planet. In this case, it becomes a lightning rod for the matters of that planet. If the planet is connected with the 5th or 7th houses, it will affect relationships. This also applies to planets in the solar return and the converse solar return.

But Full Moons can bring things to fruition. A Full Moon Eclipse does not usually end a relationship, but it can change it significantly.

The diurnals can be very revealing of specific days when some important meetings can occur. Nodal involvement in your own chart or with planets in someone else's. While that can manifest on many different levels, it can also manifest in relationships. If you meet someone when either of you has progressed or directed planets conjunct the other's Nodal axis, you may feel instantly "connected" with this individual. I have noticed in some cases that South Node connections with planets in someone else's charts can occasionally manifest as long-term connections.

However, the individuals were not in constant contact with each other. One instance was of two people who managed to keep getting together every 10 years or so, coinciding with endings of marriages to other people.

I put this in the "go figure" category. Diurnal Ascendants. This can be especially true if the diurnal is also conjunct a progressed, directed or natal planet or angle. There are a number of relationship chart options available on most software. The composite chart is probably the best known. It is composed of the combined midpoints of each person's planets and angles. I have not worked with this chart for prediction possibilities. I have heard other astrologers say that it is useful for understanding the purpose of the relationship.

As mentioned earlier, it's not often that anyone has exact data for this chart. If you do have it, it can be as sensitive to transits, progressions and eclipses as any natal chart. Author's note: Since this book was written, I have heard of another technique similar to this. Move your own chart around so that 10 Taurus is on the Ascendant.

Now you can tell what this person means to you," he says. This is a very useful chart. It can foretell a number of things about the marriage and, like the meeting chart, it is sensitive to transits and progressions. Example: A couple that I know married under a Moon-Pluto opposition. It symbolized the constant struggle in their marriage between the bride and her mother-in-law, as they occupied the same household for many years.

If, for example, you wish to have a diurnal chart for, say, Nov. All other data would be from your birth. You would set this date with the time of your birth, the place of your birth, and the time zone of your birth. You will have the same Ascendant, or close to it, each day of each year. But the transiting planets will be different, as will the progressed.

So perhaps you have a diurnal Ascendant on Nov. But once every 12 years, transiting Jupiter will be conjunct that Ascendant. Or you may have the progressed Sun or Progressed Moon conjunct that Ascendant.

Or once every 84 years, you will have Uranus on the Ascendant! Those will be important days, and many can be significant for a relationship. The diurnal chart's house cusps will also conjunct progressed and directed planets throughout the year and can mark significant days. Because of the sensitivity of house cusps, I recommend using the Koch house system for diurnal charts. The ,word book is considered one of the most complete collections of astrology's forecasting techniques. The excerpt included here is about relationships, with minor editing.

Some additional thoughts have been added here by Michele Adler that were not in the original text. Published in: www. Author: As an English major at the University of Memphis, Michele became fascinated with the concept of astrology while reading Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. In , she began her formal study of astrology and has the professional accreditation of the American Federation of Astrologers.

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You May Also Like. Up Next. How to predict your marriage accurately. Ask 1 Question for free. No Comments. It will be easier than most years to stick to a diet or health regime. More responsibilities than usual are likely. You are emotionally tied up in relationships, partnerships, and issues of cooperation and collaboration this year. Your power of attraction is stronger than usual. You may be more socially active or do some work with the public. If the Moon is mostly challenged, you may experience some problems in one-to-one relationships that you actively work on in order to restore harmony and balance.

Your emotions are intense but controlled this year. You may feel somewhat like a warrior on an emotional level, able to handle problems perhaps better than ever. You are not as given to quick emotional reactions. Rather, you can sit back, watch, and wait. You are likely to be particularly perceptive when it comes to sizing up people and situations. You are emotionally restless, looking for new experiences. You are more able to have fun, and you seek out new adventures. Restlessness is probable.

You may feel somewhat unsettled this year, and travel is possible. Legal matters may need to be attended to. If the Moon is mostly challenged, you could be struggling with indecision about where your life is headed.

Focus this year is mainly on work. You might withdraw on an emotional level within your family and home life, either to focus your energy on work or because of increased responsibilities with work or the family itself. Your desire for a certain level of solitude and your emotional reserve this year might be cause for concern for others around you, depending on your usual personality.

The condition of the Moon by aspect can suggest whether your reputation changes for the better or for the worse. You are emotionally curious and somewhat detached. Your emotional reactions this year may be quirky, but you are not ruled by your emotions as much as other years. New friendships or group activity, or changes in these areas, may be part of the picture.

This can be a year of endings of some sort, especially with regards to something that has become very much a part of everyday life. You are more sensitive to others as well. Your emotions tend to be on your sleeve in the year ahead. Some emotional restlessness is likely, and acting on sudden impulses can be a theme. You are more sensitive to your environment and the emotional atmosphere around you this year. As such, changeable moods are likely. You tend to enjoy making connections with others this year, but, particularly if the Moon is challenged in your Solar Return chart, you could take on more projects and interactions with others than you can manage.

The key to success will be some emotional detachment—something that can be hard to achieve but is essential for an emotionally healthy year. Moon-related people, events, and activities feature prominently in the year ahead—women, family, nurturing, dealings with the public, and so forth. Your sensitivity to the expectations of others may dominate your emotional life this year. Fear of lack can be behind many of your actions during this period.

Fluctuations surrounding money may occur, but more likely you are more sensitive to them. Keeping things status quo is a tendency this year—too much change could frighten you now. An emphasis on communication, learning, and making contacts is indicated with this position.

There are likely to be frequent short trips, errands, visits, phone calls, and communications in the year ahead. Solar Return Moon in the 4th House. Your emotional state depends heavily on the condition of the Moon by aspect. If the Moon is mostly supported for example, by trines and sextiles to other points , then you possess more emotional strength than ever this year.

Your ability to step back and watch what is happening around you before reacting emotionally will benefit you, especially if you are usually a more emotionally reactive or impulsive person.

You are more perceptive than ever, and better able to size up both people and situations you deal with. If the Moon is mostly challenged in its aspects to other planets and points, you may be dealing with very intense—even primal—emotions and will have a hard time sorting out your feelings.

Changing sexual relationships may occur this year. You may find that your levels of intimacy with another person or persons changes rather dramatically, and this is an area of focus or sensitivity for you on an emotional level.

Either sexual relations become more intense and you discover new levels of intimacy, or you are affected by a decrease in this area. An example of this in my files is a woman who discovered that her husband was having an affair. You are bound to encounter issues surrounding shared resources.

If you depend on someone on a financial level, even in a small way, there may be cause for concern. Support from others in general is an issue that will concern you this year.

The situation is likely to change, and you will need to work out strategies to deal with it. For whatever reason, you may feel more dependent on support from others, or may need to take on debt. Your heart is with your career and work goals this year—ups and downs in these areas are taken to heart, and are likely. You might find you are more involved with the public this year, and the extent of your popularity with same depends on the condition of the Moon.

You would be wise to avoid letting emotions get in the way of your progress. This position of the Moon can go in one of two directions in terms of emotional orientation—you may adopt a business-like approach to your emotional life, or you might bring your emotions into your professional life. Sometimes this points to a change in marital status.

It is a period of dreams for the future—an excellent year in which to come up with progressive new ideas. Still, if the Moon is unfavorable, some of these dreams may be pipe dreams. You may also find that you put a lot of effort into generating income from a business. Connections with friends or groups figure prominently this year, or a longing to belong grabs hold of you.