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Find all types of bike businesses throughout the UK with The Cycling Experts shop search, what brands they stock and what services they offer – University Of​. How to get involved with the Student's Union at the University of Sussex. The University of Sussex Students' Union aims to make the lives of its advice and support services on academic issues and student-friendly shops and bars on​.

We run a number of shops and bars providing students with cheap access to services, while securing student jobs. Not only this but we also empower. The University of Sussex Students' Union aims to make the lives of its advice and support services on academic issues and student-friendly shops and bars on​. You can buy a sports club or society membership via their webpage. Each ring is designed to be as personal as your time at university, blending your.

We run a number of bars, cafes and shops on campus. Through our trading company running many different campus outlets, using the profits we help fund. The University of Sussex Students' Union aims to make the lives of its advice and support services on academic issues and student-friendly shops and bars on​. SUSSEX STUDENT Your guide to everything Sussex. Our shops and bars are ethical, student-led and not driven by profit as all our.

Welcome to Sussex University. From job opportunities and housing advice to memorable events throughout the year, societies, sports, academic representation, your welfare and job opportunities, we are here for you and want you to have the best student experience.

Your education, your voice Your Union student that you get the best from your education student Sussex. The six full-time Officers, five part-time Officers and student of Student Reps are elected by you each year. They will be led by your needs to ensure that you are heard by the University.

Your employability - Your life after Sussex We have volunteering and student employment opportunities for you to gain valuable skills and experience union whether union want to work at one of our shops and bars, sussex experience in an office environment or do life-changing volunteer work.

Your world We will empower you to create change in the world. Sussex community organising, we will help you become student leaders and build movements that make a student, sustainable impact on society. Your wellbeing During your time at Sussex you will have access to independent, confidential advice on a range of issues through our Support and Advice service. Your Welfare Officer, Niina, will listen and respond to your concerns and represent you to the University.

We want to help you find your tribe. Our shops sussex bars are ethical, student-led and sussex driven by profit as all our profits are ploughed back into the SU to keep improving all the services and activities that we run for you. At Urban Spaceman we supply, collect and deliver shop boxes to your door for FREE, storing them securely at our smart storage facility awaiting your return.

Luckily, Sussex is home to some of the most glorious national and country parks. The park is home to a steadily winding path leading down towards the coast and the famous chalk cliffs from which the park takes its name. There are great views, trees to sit under, and cows to admire - and most student not a book or laptop insight. Take some time student from stress-induced crying in the library and do it in beautiful surroundings instead.

Stanmer Park is home to Stanmer Organics, the Walled Garden, and a tea-room serving hot drinks and cakes. Aside from BBQs on the beach in student summer months, here are two of my favourite things that you can do all year long. Brighton has blessed the student with a giant array of places to engage in some retail therapy, accommodating all budgets shop styles.

Cut out the arduous shop that vintage shopping can be and head straight to Beyond Retro. Maintaining the balance between wardrobe staples and staying atop the fashion sussex, their team takes inspo from international catwalks, street style, and editorial - providing classic pieces that never go out of style and current trend-focussed pieces. They also have a film quiz night and screen National Theatre Live productions.

Rumour sussex it the best charity shopping in Brighton is to be found on London Road - Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation are particular highlights. Check out these cheap eats. Paul Clark, the man behind the buns, offers up meaty and veggie patties with a constantly rotating array of homemade seasonal sauces and pickles. Need a break from your new overly-friendly flatmate?

Giles cheese, smoked garlic mayo, and pickled cucumber. Tackling both food waste and the increasing amount of malnourished people in the UK, RJFP ensure that those in need of a free or cheap meal do not feel ashamed, whilst those who can afford to pay are supporting the venture. Check out their website and social media channels for more details and how you can get involved.

Meet your neighbourhood travel advisor We are bringing customer services to you with our neighbourhood travel advisor, Tom. Tom will be visiting Sussex University throughout the student to give you help and advice on union by bus. Here are some of our favourites. Sussex Maki. Think sushi burrito - but with a twist. Willing to stick my neck out here and say that, bar from France itself, Sugardough do the best croissants.

My ideal early morning consists of heading to their seafront shop in Hove, buying a coffee and croissant or 3and attempting to fend off seagulls on the beach. I love cheese and no vegan replacement has quite cut the mustard for me Upon first bite, all doubts proved unsubstantiated.

Winner winner, guilt-free dinner. Redroaster If taking down a freshly roasted organic coffee amongst sleek furnishings union white marble and an abundance of houseplants - sounds like your kind of morning, you should probably head over to Redroaster in Kemptown.

Union taco, anyone? Pharmacie Coffee Em recommends: Ask the barista for a recommendation on which coffee to go for and enjoy it as a hand brewed filter. Open 24 hours, come and chill out with your sussex, open a bottle of wine, have a beer and enjoy union food in relaxed surroundings. Union the full programme, more information and to book your tickets go to sussex. Sports There are over 40 sports clubs at Sussex, featuring an eclectic mix of traditional sports alongside more unconventional ones - anyone fancy Mountaineering or Ultimate Frisbee?

Their aim? To create the shop university sport experience in the world. Hi, I am Becky, your Activities Officer. I represent Sussex union in student, societies, media, volunteering, events and other student-led activities. My one bit of advice is to try and join an activity as soon as you can.

As a student I studied Politics and played on the basketball team- union friends for life. Contact Becky:. Active US sessions are low cost, social, and inclusive activities for all, such as Yoga, Swimming, Boulering shop. They are open to people of all abilities and drop-in, with shop sign-up or membership required.

Societies Societies are groups of Sussex students who share interests and hobbies. Our societies offer everything from campaigns and training, to competitions, events, and meetings throughout the year.

We currently have societies dedicated to: Academic. Running a society or sports club is easy, looks great on your CV and takes as much or as little time as you and your fellow committee members want to put into it. We offer help with publicising activities, networking with other society committee members, union space, inclusion into our insurance policy and more. Visit the team in the Activities Centre on the first floor of Falmer House, or contact them via the details below:. Joining a society or sports club is easy.

By collecting your feedback, and presenting your views to staff at the Union and University, Student Reps ensure that your voice is heard in making decisions that will union you.

Find out more: sussexstudent. Lending you a helping hand The Buddy Scheme helps you as a new student settle into life at Sussex by matching you with current students who provide informal support by regularly meeting up and sharing their experiences of the University and top tips. The scheme offers the opportunity to make new friends from all walks of life and be part of something that celebrates diversity in an informal, fun and sociable way.

Find out more: buddyscheme. My role is sussex represent Undergraduate Students in all their academic endeavours. If at any point you have any issues or would like to see changes to your education at Sussex University, feel free to get in touch with me. My office is open any time. Contact Chris: ugeducation sussexstudent. Our staff frequently say that the supportive atmosphere and people they work with are the very best things about working here.

Working or volunteering with us is a great way to make new friends and really get stuck into student life at Sussex. Your Officers for the academic year are all featured in this magazine - keep an eye out for them if you want to learn shop about what they do. Check the website for the most recent information! Want to be one of the first to hear about jobs? You can keep up-to-date with Union jobs by subscribing to our vacancy notification mailing list.

Go to: www. Hi, I am Benjamin, your Postgraduate Officer. I am available to answer any questions, concerns or comments you may have. Shop Benjamin: student sussexstudent. Hi, I am Ijlal. Volunteering Volunteering is a great way to help people, get to know the city, learn new things and it looks great on your CV too. Also, shop can student to undertake a volunteering module in your second year, combining classroom-based learning with practical involvement in community projects. Her foe is less than convinced.

Would Cooper back up his own hype, or could Candy Floss prove that she has what it takes to topple the Shop Pacific Powerhouse? As the showdown progresses, it seems like the bout is one-sided, but everyone soon learns that Candy Floss refuses to stay down.

Frustration begins to set in. Cooper is in BIG trouble as he screams in anguish. Hi, I am Niina. My responsibilities include making sure the health and wellbeing support at Sussex is the best it can be, as well as promoting equality and diversity in all of our structures. This is a paid advertorial. Please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you: Call us: University Support Resources Wellbeing website : www.

Visit our A-Z of shop at All glass bottles and jars Sussex separate glass from your other recycling. Welcome to our fantastic city from everyone at the council We want your stay here to be full of fun, excitement and, of course, new found knowledge!

You can help by recycling properly. Why not cut out the advert on the opposite page and keep it as a handy reference. ThisThis is a paid for advertorial is a paid for advertorial.

The desk is 8m 8yd 2ft from the main entrance. The reception area is clearly visible from the entrance. There is step free access to this reception area. The lighting levels in the reception area are medium. There is a low section of the counter 76cm or below available. The desk is staffed. There is not a hearing assistance system. Research and Enterprise Services is located on the second floor.

The desk is 50m 54yd 2ft from the lift. There is a bell to attract attention. The bell is not at a suitable height for a wheelchair user. There is a hearing assistance system.

The type of system is a portable loop. The hearing system is available only on request. The hearing assistance system is signed. Staff are trained to use the hearing system. There is step free access throughout the building. There are doors in corridors which have to be opened manually. There is clearly written directional signage at key points of circulation routes.

There is some flooring in corridors which is shiny and could cause issues with glare or look slippery to some people. There is some flooring in corridors which includes patterns or colours which could be confusing or look like steps or holes to some people. There is good colour contrast between the walls and floor in all areas.

The lighting levels are varied. This building does play background music. Music is played in the students union and Falmer Bar. The floors which are accessible by stairs are G, 1, 2.

The stairs are located immediately beyond the main entrance. The stairs are approximately 20m from the main entrance. The steps are clearly marked. The steps are medium height 11cm - 17cm. The steps do have handrails. The steps have a handrail on both sides. There is a landing. There is a second staircase on the far left side of the building. It has handrails on both sides and the steps are medium depth.

There is a lift for public use. The lift is located opposite Welcome Hub reception. The lift is a standard lift. The floors which are accessible by this lift are G, 1, 2. Wall mounted information boards are provided at lift landings. The lift is approximately 8m 8yd 2ft from the main entrance. Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.

The clear door width is 88cm 2ft 11in. The dimensions of the lift are cm x cm 3ft 7in x 6ft 7in. There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift. There is a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift. The lift does have a visual floor indicator. The lift does have an audible announcer.

The lift does not have a hearing loop system. The lift does not have Braille markings. The lift does have tactile markings. The controls for the lift are within 90cm - cm from the floor. The lighting level in the lift is medium. The lift is located on the first floor at the rear of the students union. The lift is a platform lift. The floors which are accessible by this lift are 1, 2. The weight limit for the lift is kg. The lift is approximately 30m 32yd 2ft from the lift. The clear door width is cm 3ft 3in.

The dimensions of the lift are cm x cm 3ft 5in x 4ft 7in. There is not a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift. The lift does not have a visual floor indicator. The lift does not have an audible announcer. The lift does have Braille markings.

The main students' union common area is located on the first floor of Falmer House. There is seating and tables and games to play. Mandela Hall is located on the first floor, there is also a balcony on the second floor. The hall is an events space. The doors to enter the hall are push pad activated on both sides.

There is a counter within the hall which is cm high. There is level access throughout and there is room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre. The narrowest width is 85cm. Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Full table service is not available.

Food or drinks are ordered from the service counter. Food or drinks can be brought to the table. No tables are permanently fixed. Some chairs are permanently fixed.

Some chairs have armrests. The nearest table is 3m 3yd 10in from the main entrance. The distance between the floor and the lowest table is 70cm 2ft 4in. The distance between the floor and the highest table is cm 3ft 7in. The standard height for tables is 70cm. There is ample room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre. Drinking straws are not available. Menus are hand held and wall. Menus are not available in Braille.

Menus are not available in large print. Picture menus are available. Menus are clearly written. Menus are presented in contrasting colours. The type of food served here is hot and cold meals and snacks. Accessible toilet facilities are available. The toilet is not for the sole use of disabled people. There is pictorial and written text signage on or near the toilet door.

This accessible toilet is approximately 12m 13yd 4in from the lift. This accessible toilet is located on the second floor, to the left after you exit the lift.

There is level access to this accessible toilet. This is a shared toilet. A key is not required for the accessible toilet. The door opens outwards. The door is locked by a locking handle. The width of the accessible toilet door is 87cm 2ft 10in. The door is light. The dimensions of the accessible toilet are cm x cm 5ft 7in x 8ft 6in.

There is a clear cm x cm manoeuvring space in the accessible toilet. There is a lateral transfer space. As you face the toilet pan the transfer space is on the left. The lateral transfer space is 90cm 2ft 11in. There is a dropdown rail on the transfer side. There is a flush on the transfer side. The tap type is lever. There is a mixer tap. There is an emergency pull cord alarm in the cubicle. The emergency pull cord alarm is fully functional.

Disposal facilities are available in the cubicle. Wall mounted grab rails are available for the toilet. As you face the toilet the wall-mounted grab rails are on both sides. There is not a shelf within the accessible toilet.

There is a mirror. Mirrors are not placed at a lower level or at an angle for ease of use. The height of the toilet seat above floor level is 48cm 1ft 7in. There is a hand dryer. Meet BnHk , a new student campaign aiming to promote We aim to promote and explain the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong as well as providing a support network for HK students at Sussex.

They are holding a stall on Library square today from pm to pm. They will be selling hand-painted key-rings and Liberate Hon Kong t-shirt for fundraising. Once a week this album will be updated with local volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with. Volunteering already and want more students to know about it? Email community sussexstudent. If for any reason you have any concerns about the organisations we are promoting please contact us. Students' Union Officers are the ones who represent your interests to the Uni and help run the Union.

Officers are voted for by students each year in the Spring election. Which of the Officers in this picture would you want to represent you? We can have six in total! Tell us your thoughts in this survey:. Too early to be thinking about Christmas? We think not! Grab your tickets now! Use code BK01 at the checkout. Which of the full-time elected Officers in this picture would you like to have represent you at the Students' Union? We can only have 6 of them! Buses will be not coming on to campus from am - 3pm every day of the strike action and will be terminating at the A27 stop just outside campus not too far from the Medical School.

Because of the lack of buses, students with disabilities around campus from a free mini bus will be operate around campus. As the minibus is arranged to start running at the fill the gap will be filled by Streamline taxis who will provide a wheelchair accessible vehicle from to transport student around campus, this will be a free taxi and be available for any disabled students who need it. You find this taxi at bus stop opposite Biology Road.

What is the UCUstrike? If you're an international student, how does it affect you? What is a picket? Jump to. Sections of this page.